My sister has a boy she is dating.  A really nice one.  (She calls him “the boy” on her blog, so it’s hard to resist referring to him as that as well.) They made the trek to the desert to visit us so we could get to know him. 2013-03-31 Easter 72369 And that, I think, was very nice of them.  Because I tell you, they sure made things fun around here.  They came for Easter weekend which was probably good since if they ever decide to get hitched it’s good for the boy to have fair warning about how whacky-crazy our family is about traditions. Claire was over-the-moon that we got to catch a soccer game.2013-03-30 Easter prep 71957 …even though we were a little late and missed the goal she made, darn it!2013-03-30 Easter prep 71953 Lucy is always very enamored by sporting events.2013-03-30 Easter prep 719792013-03-30 Easter prep 719852013-03-30 Easter prep 71996 We made a quick stop at the temple that’s under construction close-by on the way back.2013-03-30 Easter prep 71999 Love that gorgeous place (much more about that back here and here and here).2013-03-30 Easter prep 72001 Then we went and rented a party boat on the lake.2013-03-30 Easter prep 72007 …except that I think the boat guys sending us off thought it was funny that all we had with us was one bottle of water.  I’m sure they have people with all kinds of stuff (food, etc.) they bring aboard.  Us?  Well, we had an iPod hook-up and had a little dance party.  I’ll see if I can upload a video because man alive, Claire was in her element with her dance moves. And Lu thought it was about the best thing since sliced bread.2013-03-30 Easter prep 72008 These girls got hot enough to jump off at one point.2013-03-30 Easter prep 72037 …and even though they knocked their breath out with that chill…2013-03-30 Easter prep 72038 …they still opted to do it again.2013-03-30 Easter prep 720402013-03-30 Easter prep 72043 Elle, on the other hand, was just happy to be there.2013-03-30 Easter prep 72049 Our visitors had to leave to meet a friend for lunch and I took the kids on a little hike to see the view while Dave hung out with Lucy.  2013-03-30 Easter prep 72066 These smiles are only after I got good and huffy at them for complaining so much that they didn’t want to hike.2013-03-30 Easter prep 72090 Sometimes you have to push a good memory…and it really ended up being a good one.2013-03-30 Easter prep 720922013-03-30 Easter prep 720932013-03-30 Easter prep 720952013-03-30 Easter prep 720962013-03-30 Easter prep 72099 Then it was down to business to get ready for the next day with our annual egg painting.2013-03-30 Easter prep 72107 We get serious about this stuff.2013-03-31 Easter 721822013-03-30 Easter prep 721022013-03-30 Easter prep 72123 More on Easter tomorrow, but I’ll just say here and now, we all give my sister’s “boy” a thumbs up.

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  1. What a small world. I totally know him! I grew up with his family and his mom is like a second mom to me. She is very very dear to me. They are a wonderful family and your sister would be so blessed if you know… she marries into it. And equally the same for him. Glad you got to spend some time with them!

  2. Wow, are we glad to see all this fun! Congrats to Claire on the goal and it's so fun to see that Sarah knows "the boy's" family.

    Love all the color…especially that luscious green grass along with the succulent cacti! It's still snowing here!

  3. Same question – we moved to Phoenix last summer and would love to know where that hike is so that I can take my kids before it gets too hot!

  4. The hike is to the "A" at ASU. Super easy. Elle took most of that video footage with my camera…she is trying to take over that thing!! And Grace's swimsuit si from Lime Ricki.

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