Last spring we were looking for something special for Lucy to get involved in. She had piano which she loved, (and an amazing teacher who was willing to write out the music large-scale so she could excel), but she longed to be more involved in things bigger than her little world here at home.

Around the same time something came to my attention about the Millennial Choir organization:  this cool organization with a purpose “to fulfill the need for more refined music performance education in our communities, with a focus on God and country.” Right down Lucy’s alley really, (which I talked about back HERE).

I had a little nudge that maybe Lucy needed to be part of this, but at first I pushed it away. It is a huge choir, lots of logistics to maneuver, may be a tricky thing for her. But then that nudge came back. So I followed it. And I’m so glad I did! Grace and Claire had sung with them in the past (I can’t find the blog posts about that…it was a LONG time ago), so I knew it could be huge and complicated, perhaps a little a little tricky with her issues, but also that it was pretty awesome and it just might work. So we signed her up. And I wrote all about how overjoyed she has been to be part of this back HERE.

The big concert was last weekend.

And this is how Lucy felt about being part of all that:

Let’s get a full-length look at that girl:

There we go. She had been counting down the days. There was a lot going on this weekend and there was something that just sang to my heart hearing her talking about all the things she had to do to get ready and manage her time.

She strutted around in the dress proud as a peacock, FaceTimed with some sisters to tell them she was getting ready, (it sang to my heart all over again to hear them ooo’ing and ahhh’ing about how beautiful she looked).

Claire wanted a picture with her glowing little sister:

Claire had been a “skater boy” for her “spirit day” at school that day and I think she played the part quite well, ha!

(When Lucy is willing to smile for a picture we know you better take advantage of that!…so we did:)

She had three different performances.

Dave went to the one the first night since he had to leave for China the next day:

(heart singing again to see those smiles…and that Dave would think to take a picture for the group family text, love him)

She came home SO tired but SO on cloud-nine. It was beautiful.

Then she had two performances back-to-back the next day. My parents got here for that one. I didn’t get one of my Dad with her before the concert, so I do have this one in the kitchen later:

That counts, right? Ha!

Here she is going in to that marathon of a night with these darling girls:

Yep, still pretty darn happy. Love that Claire took that, and I’m sorry but I have to show this one too 🙂

I hope that there will be some sort of recording I can share at some point, wish I had pictures I could share, but I will say it looked like this:

(just a screenshot from the website, you can’t really play it…just wanted to give an idea of how huge this choir is)

Picture Lucy right on the front row of those risers just singing her HEART out swaying to the music. And then on those balconies for different numbers.

And picture how these two angel friends had her under their wings the entire time making all those transitions up dark stairways, up and down the elevator, on to the risers and off again, managing the crowds of other singers moving like the sea.

And picture all the volunteer support staff who orchestrated all the moving around for her so that she wouldn’t get stuck or trip over anything in the dark, and that it could all go smoothly.

I just sat there in tears over and over again. Not only because the music was incredibly beautiful, but because those friends and helpers were even more beautiful, helping make it possible for my girl to do something like this, and making it their pleasure to help.

We didn’t get to all see Lu right after that first performance, but here is who was there:

Claire pretending to be a mom.

After the first performance my mom and I got to volunteer for the second. Which made that next performance even better.

We got to be the ones to take Lucy and those two friends up and down the elevator. We got to stand like five feet away from those three when they were on those risers on the giant stage (my mom and I were hidden by the curtains) to help maneuver them to and from the risers. We got to watch those three little girls stand right in front singing their hearts out, and if you would have told me they were real angels I would have believed you.

And then we got to crouch behind them on the balcony the couple times they performed from up there, me sitting on a step with tears brimming over as I watched Lucy’s hair sway back and forth from behind, her shoulders moving up and down to the beat, her lips singing up to heaven with such vigor and gusto for the beauty she was feeling as she sang.

This is when she was telling my mom that she sang a whole verse with the main choir that she wasn’t supposed to because she just felt so “into” it:

It was a good night.

And as I lay down to sleep that night I was overflowing with gratitude for it all. And that that little girl who brings so much light is mine. And God’s too. And He is sure looking out for her.

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  1. I’d like to add to Holly’s comment that all shades of blue really suit Lucy! It makes the colour of her eyes sparkle.

  2. Wow Lucy, you should wear that dress always, that colour is beautiful on you.

    This posts left me with tears streaming. What a beautiful experience for you all xx

  3. I love that you followed the little nudge for Lucy to participate in the choir. I can see how happy and the joy she had from it. Beautiful 🙂

  4. We had the opportunity to be at the Thursday night performance. First time for us and it was beautiful!! And I spotted your beautiful daughter on the front row of risers just beaming as she performed. What a beauty!

  5. That was a night I’ll never forget! It was a little bit of heaven! I’m so glad you followed that nudge when it didn’t seem logical! That girl is sooooo lucky to have you for a Mom!

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