Someone has a birthday coming up in a couple days:

And although she has been counting down the days with a big, glittery grin stretched across her face, I think someone ELSE is even more excited about the big day:
Grace is appalled that it is our “off” year for a party for Claire (we only do them every other year), so she’s taken it in her hands to make things fun for her sister.

Yesterday everyone in our family found these notes on our pillows when we went to bed:
Grace has also spent some serious time convincing Claire that THIS is the year she MUST get her ears pierced (we let our girls decide any time after they’re six…don’t ask me why because Claire seems WAY too young!!). Claire was decidedly determined to wait ’til next year (even though she’ll be six this year) until Grace put a little bug in her ear.

Hmmm, we’ll see if she chickens out once she sees the “gun.” Here’s to hoping….

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  1. I have one turning five on the 21st as well!! How exciting! Do you find it harder and harder to keep up the motivation for birthdays especially right after Christmas?? As you know it's tough having five, thanks for your blog, I read it often!!

  2. Cute sister.
    When you say it's the off year for a party, do you mean that you do nothing for the birthday? Or just not have a big friend party? I've always thought of doing that, but wasn't sure how it would work out. Do you mind sharing more details/ info?

  3. ha ha, I was sooo glad to see that another mother I know does the "off year" for birthday parties. Last year, none of the kids got to have parties and the idea was that they would get them this year. That was until cancer, now they all complain that "it is not fair". But I still think family parties can be more fun that tons of friends, especially if you let the "special child" pick out what to do. For example, my almost 11-year-old wants to go to "lightning thief" when it comes out with mom and dad. We read the book together and now she is dying to see the movie. O.k. I have rambled enough.
    My favorite part of this blog entry was at the bottom of the invitation that read that the party was going to be held "every second of the day!" How cute is that!!!!!

    A letter from your nosy admirer,
    Christa Johnson

  4. Whenever I come over, Claire reminds me of how many days until she gets her ears pierced. She doesn't even mention that it's also her birthday.

  5. I instigated the every other year party a long time ago, when we lived in Connecticut. Birthday parties for children there were reeeeeally high pressure. (Hello, land of Martha Stewart.) We've moved, but I've stuck to my guns on this one: family parties on even years, friend parties on odd years. I thought I was so smart doing it that way, until it occurred to me that every child had odd birthdays in the same year. Whoops!

  6. I love the every other year. A needed break for sure!
    I also love that she will celebrate her birthday every minute of the day. How cute.

  7. My daughter Daisy's birthday is 1/21, too. She'll be 10. She already has her ears pierced, and it is not an off year for her bday party, unfortunately. 🙂

  8. ana is so much like gracie! that looks just like something she would do. they just take things into their own hands and make them happen. ana woke cam up at 6:10 to show him the invites for his party. also elsie takes after lucy. she calls all her figurines "guy"

  9. We do the same thing about pierced ears too. It was going to be anytime after 8 then I realized Lindsay was excited to get her hears pierced, oh yeah, and get baptized! So she got them done at 6 1/2. I told Caroline when she turned 6 last month she could get them pierced and she wants to wait…probably better for everyone that she waits!

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