…That’s where my missionary is.

Sending out lots of prayers for people in Texas!

Here are some pictures from her letter last week before things got so much worse…back when they were just in awe of all that ice covering everything:

Loved seeing her all cozy in her apartment.

But now things have become so much worse.

There are so many with no power, heat, food (all the stores were closed or picked clean as of Wednesday), and there is a boil water advisory in effect. Grace and her companion were so grateful for a member of their congregation who took them (and a bunch of other missionaries) under their wing to feed them. The local church building has been turned into a shelter for a retirement home that lost heat and the roof collapsed. Grace got to call me a couple days ago to tell me all about it because the mission president wanted moms to know all the missionaries were ok. And I was so grateful!

The mission office let us know they are still experiencing either power or water shortages and that many of the missionaries are staying with church members. They have a few missionary apartments with water line breaks and everyone is under a new kind of lock-down. I can’t even imagine the logistics they are dealing with trying to keep all those missionaries safe, and SO very grateful for them and all their efforts.

While it is so comforting to know the missionaries are safe, I know so many others are not.

So many people in dire circumstances. I know people are anxious to help, I found this post that offers many ways to give aid if you’re interested: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLZ_dAIHZLk/

Bottom line is, we’re sending out lots of prayers for Texas! To all those missionaries including my bright-light one I love so much, and everyone else in all those in the areas that are being hit hardest by this weather.


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  1. Yikes! What a moment in time to be a missionary right there right now! She and the other missionaries will be so great in helping those in need when they can get out! It’s a wonderful time to be able to serve so many who are in dire need!

  2. She must be me in or near my friends ward. She lives next door to the church that is sheltering the senior home residents and has coordinated the laundry efforts.

  3. Glad you’ve heard from her! My aunt and uncle in Houston are without power and have been most of the week. Thankful for warning stations such as the church there and for those individuals helping out where they can. Whew! Between covid and this winter storm Grace is sure having a unique mission experience.

  4. I’m in San Antonio and thought of Grace during the storm. We ended up sleeping at our church building and there were so many missionaries there helping in whatever way they could. So grateful for the missionaries who helped during our stay at the church.

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