By the time this posts I will be far away soaking up my family for Fall Break.

But I figured since I have a bunch of post drafts just waiting idly to be posted I’d schedule them in while we’re gone.

(And I’ll be checking in to announce the winner of the give-away tomorrow morning…don’t forget to enter!)

First of all though, there are some things I’ve been meaning to write about but never seem to get to:

1) I added some new “buttons” on my sidebar. One links up to good info. about Joy School which I love. If you have a child who may be ready for some serious fun and learning after Christmas, now is a good time to start getting a group together. Plus, you get a discount if you use “shawni” in the promotion code.

The second new button will link you into info. about “Alexander’s Amazing Adventures.” It is a series of twelve adventures infused so beautifully with core values that come across in such a fun way. I really do love these, and so right this second I’m thinking to myself “why in the world don’t I have these playing in the car non-stop???” Hmmmm…better work on that.

2) My mom and I are speaking at Time Out for Women again on October 23rd in Las Vegas, and on November 20th in Salt Lake City, Utah. We’re excited about that. Click here for more info. about Las Vegas and here for more info. on the Utah TOFW.

3) For as long as I have known her, my friend Heather from Virginia has been full to the brim with great ideas. She has started a new website with the low-down on how to save money. All kinds of things including coupon clipping and give-aways. For instance, I LOVE these newborn socks. I paid a fortune for them for a baby gift a while back. And here they are for 50% off. I think I’ll have to stock up. Check out this post too…my jaw dropped at how many groceries she got for so darn cheap.

I should really get serious about that stuff since Max seems to have turned into a human garbage disposal lately and canNOT seem to fill himself up no matter what he tries.

4) There is this family I heard about who are trying to try to raise some money so they can adopt two children from a Russian orphanage and give them a better life. To read their story and/or make a donation click here. (You have to scroll down to the bottom to read the story.)

5) I love this blog entry explaining light. Light is what makes life beautiful.

My sweet and extremely talented friend Eva, who’s photography I adore, is writing a book about light.

Click here to see reviews and to find out what it’s all about.

I personally have never heard of a “book trailer,” but Eva has one for hers, and man alive, it is beautiful in and of itself. Click here to be inspired.

and finally,

6) I am not good at Facebook.

In fact, although I do have an account, I have clicked on it maybe twice in the last year.

I should just delete my name from the list so that people won’t think I’m simply disregarding the many sweet messages I’ve found even with my short visits, but I’m determined to get to it some day.

In the meantime, please know I’m really not trying to be rude by not replying to the stuff that’s waiting for me on there. Quite frankly this blog is work enough, and I prioritize it because it’s my journal.

But some day I’ll get to Facebook. Some day…

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  1. I was so excited to get the notice that you and your mom were going to be speaking at TOFW in Vegas! I have been reading your blog for a while now and have learned many things about how to be a great parent and person. I am even more excited to hear you in person.

    Have a great fall break with your family.

  2. Just like Melia, I just bought my ticket yesturday for TOFW and now knowing you and your mom will be there I am super excited! I've never been before and I've always wanted to hear you and your mom speak! YEAH!

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