Oh boy, my heart is fuller than full this last weekend.  For family, for the gospel and it’s influence in my life, and for Max.  So much to say about all that went on and also how my heart feels like it’s constricting every time I think about Max leaving a week from tomorrow, but for now I just want to share one of my favorite things that has happened in the last couple weeks as we’ve been preparing for Max to leave.

It happened when we were at the missionary store trying to get the first of Max’s things gathered.

As a preface I must say that one of the things I’ve been thinking about so much is how much a Mission President influences the missionaries.  I think everyone who has served a mission would tell you that one of the single biggest influencers of the mission is that man and his wife who essentially “parent” these kids as they are away from home for so long.  Their responsibility is quite tremendous when you think about it: taking care of the physical and emotional and spiritual well-being of sometimes over 200 kids is probably quite daunting.  The two mission presidents I had while on my mission influenced me in more ways than I can count.

So as soon as the shock and elation sunk in when Max opened his mission call, and we got all the tears and details talked over (back HERE), we went right to the section of his little mission booklet that talked about his mission president.  It comforted me so much to know a little more about who that would be.  He and his wife sound pretty outstanding, and Max is going to be in great hands.  His wife keeps a mission blog that is incredibly helpful as we get ready to send Max on out there and I wish I could give them a giant hug in advance for all they will do for Max.

Mission presidents change every three years and Max’s will be done with his assignment in July.  We’ve been so curious who the new president would be.

The morning Max and I headed out for our first round of mission shopping my friend (who has a son in the same mission) had told me Elder Teh from the Philippines had been called to serve as the new mission president.  That’s about all I knew and was anxious to look up more info. when we got home.
So as Max was trying on suits two missionaries (current missionaries here in the desert) walked in to get some things they needed.  I started talking to one and asked where he was from.  When he told me he was from the Philippines I asked him to be sure I was pronouncing “Teh” correctly.

That cute elder looked at me in surprise.

Then he told me Elder Teh was in his home ward (congregation) back in the Philippines.

Not only that, but he was his home teaching companion back home (sometimes adults get matched up with younger men to help out various families in the congregation).

My jaw dropped.  What are the chances that would happen that morning, at that moment, right when I needed a little boost?  I was filled with so much gratitude as I talked to that awesome Elder for a little while about Elder Teh and how wonderful he is.

One of the best things he said is that he is in regular contact with him…to me that tells a lot that that man would take out time in his busy schedule to support this cute missionary giving his heart to people here in the desert.

I was so overwhelmed with wonder about that experience!  I put that little story on Instagram and right away my sister texted me a picture of Elder Teh and his family’s Christmas card up on their fridge.  I guess my sister worked with his wife when they lived in the Philippines a short while after they got married and can’t say enough good about this great family.  And since then there have been other connections…people who know and adore this man who will look out for Max for so much of his mission.
What a comfort that is as we get ready to send this boy out.  
Another little verification to me that God is in the details if we look and seek…and sometimes if we just lift up our heads and notice.  I felt it over and over again this weekend.  How very grateful I am to know that He is there.  

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I love these kinds of experiences – God really does care about us, down to the details of what is in our hearts. And we are all connected! Love and prayers for you this week as you send that boy of yours off on his mission!

  2. Shawni, that is a Beautiful story! I call those "tender mercies" "customized." They come exactly when we need them the most because our Loving Heavenly Father knows us personally and he cares absolutley about the "details" as you put it. My momma heart is with you, the first is really hard. I just sent off my 3rd missionary in November, he is in the Salta, Argentina mission. I also know that Heavenly Father helps our hearts as we miss them SOOOOO Much!!! You are in my prayers. Good Luck!

  3. What a great photo of the Elder and Max at the missionary store. Adorable!
    What an amazing experience this is for you and your family. Thank you for sharing your special moments with the rest of us. That is a really sweet story and testimony that Heavenly Father really is in the details and aware of each one of us. What a blessing.

  4. Elder Teh and his wife just spoke at our stake conference. They were so light hearted and funny. It was very refreshing to hear them speak and feel of their great love of the gospel and their strong faith! He'll be in great hands.

  5. I love Elder Teh!! Him and his beautiful wife spoke at our stake conference last year here in Star Valley, Wy and I was one of the speakers too and got to chat with them. I love the sense of humor they both bring to he gospel . Your boy is in good hands !

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