Before Easter we had a pretty joyful reunion with Grace.

Oh we sure love that girl.

We were wishing everyone else could have joined us too, but man alive, there’s something so special about having one on one time with my kids. I needed a little time with Grace.

This girl is so full of light and goodness. It was kind of fun that we had a day with Dave before he left. We worked out, of course. (Love our F45 City Gate).

Grace also helped figure out some recipes for Dave’s Creami ice cream maker.

Love those two.

We also got to visit Nana and Papa after a wedding reception that night.

Love those two too!

And then Dave left and it was down to just the three of us (Lu, Grace and me).

We shopped, got Easter pedicures, cooked good food, played games, watched Survivor, talked deep. And I loved it all.

Except maybe the trying-to-find-Lucy-a-new-church-dress part. Yikes that is tricky stuff. She has worn the same one for two years and it’s all thread-bare by now, and new textures and colors are not her forte. We finally thought we found an awesome one but then Grace made the mistake of mentioning it was pink and that was that for that one. Ha! But it was fun to be together, Grace makes everything more fun.

While Lucy was at a party one night, Grace and I went to the Easter pageant.

…and had the chance to talk to some pretty awesome friends for a long time after, in the perfect equilibrium weather evening (gotta take advantage of those while we can!)

Then it was on to Easter, just the three of us, then dinner with all the cousins.

Loved watching McKenna on American Idol over and over again together, we both love that girl so much, and it’s pretty incredible she’s in the top 24 right now (more on that soon).

Grace came to my discussion group with me, and also had a little Thai food adventure.

To explain the Thai food, Grace, Lu, Bo and I rode bikes to get that delicious stuff down the canal. It was kind of a long ride. Grace was holding Bo under her arm while biking by the end (Bo hurt her foot I think) and I was trying to hold up Lucy’s mood as well. She does NOT like Thai food and she did NOT want to be there at first.

But often you have to force a good memory with that girl, and sure enough, by the end she was practically singing with the glory of the earth, our tandem bike shadow stretched out willowy-long to our side.

I love that Grace loved that big, giant sky as much as I do and we were both trying to capture it any way we could en route back home.

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  1. I love love the ‘we shopped, got Easter pedicures, cooked good food, played games… etc. sounds just so lovely

  2. That one one time sounds so special! we’ve had some good success with dyeing clothes at home if Lucy finds a dress she likes other than the color. Works a treat for covering stains on thrifted/hand me down items too 🙂 From what you’ve shared, your older girls seem pretty handy and could probably help her out next time they’re home!

  3. Would Lucy like the Body Basics that Ashley Rose Reeves sells. She is aware of texture and fit issues. The clothes look so comfortable and forgiving.

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