Today I’m so grateful for friends.  

Grateful for the ones who mold me and help shape me into who I want to be.  Old ones who helped me raise my babies:

New ones who inspire me:
(Ok only one of those is really “new” but all three have been inspiring me for a very long time and I finally got to meet that middle one in person this week.)
I’m so grateful for high school friends and college friends and childhood friends I’ve lost track of but who taught me so much.  I’m grateful for Israel study abroad friends and neighbor friends and especially those friends who helped in Dave and my love story.

I’m grateful for how my children’s’ friends shape their lives.

The ones who root for them on the sidelines of sports:

 The ones who take selfies on my phone:

 The ones who ask for mini-photoshoots:

 Love that Claire missed the memo on the “funny face” for this one:

 …and caught it just in time for this one:)

I love friends who think of nice things to do for others, like Grace’s cheerleading friend who’s heart wanted to reach out to their coach who is dealing with a family member with cancer.  She rallied the troops to raise money to donate to the cause and surprised her.

I love friends who are willing to help Claire babysit Lucy and are happy with a simple soda shop payment when they’re through.

 …and friends who work there who make them feel like they just met a movie star:)

Grateful for friends who get together to help other friends have good birthdays:

School-project-working-together friends:

 (they had to make ancient Roman clothing and decided to use their dolls as models)

…and friends who let us borrow their babies once in a while:

For artistic friends:

Late-night friends:
“Making-school-fun” friends:
Gymnastics friends:

Date friends:

Lego friends:

Accidentally matching friends: 

Dance friends:

We better add “blog reading friends” since we need to include Max and these cute girls who recognized him up at BYU:)

So grateful for all the friends up there who are enriching his world in countless ways before he heads out to Taiwan.

And perhaps best of all?  Sibling friends who help you learn the ropes of soccer on a Fall evening:

Just feeling so grateful for friends that make our world so full of life and love.

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  1. Hi Shawni…I've read your blog for many years and have learned SOOOO much from you.

    Anyways, this is a totally selfish request (I would have e-mailed but I don't have your e-mail address) but I wanted to share with you a business and a product (Folders for Focusing) that my parents just created. They have worked so hard to get this going and unfortunately it's not quite going yet 😉 I think the folders are completely something you would use though. Just thought I'd share the information with you in case you'd be interested in mentioning it on your blog someday or even just take a peek at it. If you would like one I can always send you one if you just shoot me your address. Thanks so much! Keep up the great blogging 😉

  2. WOW! What awesome pictures! Lots of joy in those faces! Friends really do make such a difference! Even one good friend is such a treasure! Still, what a blessing to be buried in friends!

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