Welp, Carson had another birthday on Tuesday and since he doesn’t love spotlights, I’m kind of sneaking this one in quick between posts.

Because I always write bday posts for my family and this is just a guy who’s way too good to skip!

He is just good to the core.

When you are around him, you can just feel his sincerity. In his questions. In how he’s always offering to help.

He’s one of those guys who has this inner confidence to forget himself and just concentrate on everyone else.

He might be one of Lucy’s biggest heros, and that girl picks her heroes carefully!

I love how when we were telling him all the things we love about him over FaceTime the other night, Abby mentioned that one thing she loved about him is his family. Isn’t it cool how families have the power to connect goodness in so many ways?

He is always up for an adventure.

He is a hard worker. He works so hard at school and now all his clinical work but you can tell his heart is always with this girl.

And that is the best blessing in the whole wide world for a mama.

Sure love you Carson! Hope this is short and sweet enough that you won’t be mad at me:)

Forever grateful that we get you for ours. And that we get to share you with your own awesome family.


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  1. Oh man we love this guy! What a treasure! The guy behind them in their big picture together is a perfect expression to go with the joy in those kids’ faces! Sorry that he was having a bad day. Ha!

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