We made it to the state semi-finals for football this year. 

It was pretty extraordinarily fun for these high school kids because, well, that hasn’t happened in a LONG time.  I loved this pep rally footage my girls sent the day of the last game:

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I loved the play-by-play our girls sent to us as Dave was landing from a flight back from China, Lu and I were picking him up at the airport, and the girls were deep into the fury of that school spirit in that last game.

Yes, it was a pretty heartbreaking loss…those kids were 13-1 this season and fought so hard.  So proud of them!  
And speaking of high school, last week Grace was in charge of a game during some assembly.  So I snuck in to watch.  

I was overwhelmed with the size of that student body…on that side (above), and this other side (below), PACKED in that gym.

And that is only HALF of the kids (they have to do two assemblies to get all the kids in).

Loved being there to see the awesome performances of cheer and pom, and it swirled my mind back to my own high school days as I watched those high school kids interact. 

High school is such a “finding” time, as these kids find what they’re really made of.  I’m so grateful for my high school years, the people I met, the teachers I had, people who still influence me in many ways.

Here’s Grace glowing right there in the middle of it all:

…and friends when they were done.

Loved getting a quick hug from Claire too, who was in that “A” assembly time.

I’m so glad these two girls of mine get to overlap in that high school space this year.  They are living up that togetherness, and our hearts are trying to hold on to both pretty tight these days.

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  1. High school is so much more fun when you're the parent. 🙂 I wasn't a huge fan of high school when I was there (always ready to graduate and Be On My Own, before I found out that just meant paying bills and always having to be the person to cook dinner), but seeing it through my daughter's eyes this year has been so fun.

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