Lucy went ahead and finished The Christmas Box (that book I mentioned in this post back HERE) without me, gosh darn it!  So I don’t know what happens in the end (she keeps telling me I better get busy with my reading:), but there is one time we were reading together that I keep thinking about as Christmas draws near.  There was a question posed to the main character from a wise older woman: “What was the first gift of Christmas?”
Lucy and I stopped and talked about what we thought that man would conclude.  We happened to be reading right after I had watched my favorite Christmas video a little earlier that morning so I pulled it up on the computer and pulled Claire into our discussion and the three of us watched together.  

I was sobbing when it was through.  How easy is it to forget that first gift in the midst of all the hustle and bustle?  
So I figured I’d better share it here on the blog.  Here you go.  It is the BEST.


  1. Happy Wedding Day to Max & Abby.

    I hope they have a lovely day as they are sealed together forever.x

    May Heavenly Father watch over them today & in the future. x

    Looking forward to seeing the pix.

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