I am always on a quest to create more organization in my life.

Is it just me, or are most mothers on that same journey?

I feel like if I can just tame my inbox or keep up with the paper that spills into this house or get better routines going, then life will just miraculously be all easy-breezy and I’ll be able to skip into the sunset with my family and friends all feeling my love and attention.


I know that’s not really how it works, but man alive, organization is a beautiful thing.

That’s why I am getting so excited about a digital conference I get to be a part of coming up in September.

I was a presenter in this conference a couple years ago talking about “How to Organize Dreams” (all about our “Dream Books” and how we use them), and I loved learning from all the other presenters. I must say, my organization had a good little boost after that!

This year they asked me to talk about “Motherhood Transitions” since they have had lots of requests to touch on this topic that is a tricky one for so many moms.

(Nope, not an organization thing, but don’t you think that if you can feel good about what you’re doing, how you’re living, other things begin to fall into place? And also, there are some other really great motherhood topics in the conference to check out.)

Anyway, yes, I’m talking about Motherhood Transitions:

How to Prepare for Empty Nesting

You know, those years when your kids are starting to be more self-sufficient and you realize, “hey wait a second, I’ve been mothering my heart out all these years, worried about what these kids need to grow and develop, but how do I need to grow and develop personally? What is next for me?”

If you’re not there yet, and you still have toddlers clinging to your legs, you’re stepping through Legos strewn across the floor, you are sleep deprived from babies waking you up in the night, just do yourself a favor and take these steps:

1) put away this phone or computer

2) go hug them. For at least ten seconds each.

3) And look into their eyes and tell them you love them. Give them those butterfly kisses when you match your eyelashes up together and blink, blink, blink. And enjoy that closeness that someday soon they will say “EW” at and will turn into a plank when you want to hug them. (I have to say, I’m lucky enough that Claire is still a hugger extraordinaire and sometimes can’t get enough, but I think she’s a rare commodity in teenagerhood!)

I promise you will blink (not the butterfly kiss kind of blinking) one day and you’ll be right here in my neck of the woods, wondering where in the world those babies went.

So I’m going to be giving you four steps to prepare for that, to get your thoughts churning.

Here’s a screenshot…I think it’s a little amusing that the tape I used to tape my phone to the window to record (better lighting) made a little debut there on the table in the “class” with me.


As I looked over some of the other speakers I just had to share a few that look so good to me:

Don’t those look so promising to be life-changing?

And I would just keep posting because honestly, they ALL look so great!

I’m excited.

You can click HERE to sign up to pick and choose from so many options of inspiring FREE classes. (They start on September 13th.)

Lots more info:

(I took that screenshot last night so it’s really less than 19 days now…)

Ok, so if you’re interested, click HERE to sign up. Classes are free for a full 24 hours.

If you want to listen at your own leisure and have free access to everything any time, you may want to consider buying the “All-Access Pass” which is $29, but will go up in price as we get closer to Get Organized HQ Virtual. Below are the dates of the price increases:
August 23rd – $29
August 29th – $39
September 13th – $49
September 17th – $97

So there you have it.

Sign up for all free sessions.

Sign up for the All-Access Pass.

Excited to learn from all these presenters!

And also, sharing links from the last time I spoke in case you’re interested:

Create Your Own Goal/Dream Book

Writing and Believing Our Own Stories

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  1. Me, that’s me! I put her heart and soul into my mom days, the same as most others. I’ll never take for granted that I was able to be home almost 18 years.
    But, I made some mistakes a long the way. One being not talking time to develop more myself. Oh I was great at being the school volunteer, the cupcake runner, helping with projects, hot lunches, driving kids to tournaments, assisting coaching but I didn’t do anything to develop much of my own growth and now fast forward.. I’m feeling a little lost. My kids are going into grades 12,10,8 and no longer * need* me to be in school and driving around etc.. it’s such a hard feeling. Yesterday, I accepted a casual position in a medical office as they receptionist. I’m not going to lie I’m terrified. Like sleepless night terrified , but I know it will be good for me and my kids.
    I get teary looking back on FB memories because it’s true you blink and the time is just gone. It seems like yesterday that I was knee deep in toddlers and I wAs exhausted!! Now I’m still tired and busy but it’s different!

    PS how do you get to teach such awesome conferences and classes. Do people just ask you? I’d ask you too if I lived near you lol just wondering!

    1. Heidi. I don’t know you (or Shawni) but I relate to this! Nobody tells you that they will leave, and your role will change. Dramatically. in a very short period of time. I love being a mom. It’s my jam. I’m good at it and I am fortunate. Home full time for the last 23 years. I have two that got married within 9 months of each other and two that are entering 11 and 9th grades. By a very weird coincidence, I ended up cleaning a house for a friend of a friend. The family graciously asked me to stay and help them out after I cleaned for them a few times. It’s been the best part time gig doing something I love and I’m actually good at!
      From one old and tired mama to another…who was to enveloped in her family to “do something for herself”…I wish you every bit Of luck in your new endeavor! Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone. ♥️

  2. Though my oldest left home 5 yrs ago, my two youngest are leaving home within the next few weeks and due to the nature of it all, I wouldn’t be able to speak with them for 3 months, including letters until their training is complete.

  3. Early 2000, my oldest daughter was newly married and on the mainland. My next oldest daughter was serving a mission in Brazil. And my third daughter had also started at college an hour away. It was just my son at home, in the second half of his junior year of high school. Fast forward and add the chaos that has enveloped us all and now we have a house up by the college. We rent out the top floor to college girls, including our two, and our new-in- college son chose to stay at home rather than live on campus. Weird. I thought by now we would be full-on empty nesters. Now I am parenting/not-parenting grown college kids who are constantly wanting to be fed and drive my car! ha! There’s a reason they are supposed to go away to college! HA! On the other hand they are awesome and so much fun and I can’t help but relish these extra days I get to be around them. Looking forward to your presentation:)

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