I almost feel irreverent going on with routine life posts after all those amazing comments and all the love sent our way from the blog world in Lucy’s behalf. I’m just so thankful for all the moral support as well as some amazing additional information we’ve been able to gain through blog connections about Lucy’s syndrome. We’re trying to gird ourselves up for what’s ahead because I can already tell it’s going to be a battle…they are trying to cut all therapies for all special needs children under the age of three through state-wide budget cuts because of the economy and we have our fair share of doctor appointments coming up. But it sure helps to feel so bolstered up from so many, and we’ll have to just take it all step by step.

I just have to say thanks one more time. THANK YOU.

So, aside from waiting on hold with insurance and doctor’s offices, all of us sneezing like 100 billion times, and getting so congested we can hardly breathe from all our darn allergies, life is still speeding along. And because I’m a record-keeper (one with a very bad memory), I have to write down what’s happening.

Claire’s “pony party” hosted by Elle and Grace was a hit. I’m so mad I didn’t save one of the invites to scan in.
I must say the pony cake we made was a hit too (although one of Elle’s friends thought it was a fish when she first saw it).
They played all kinds of games and had a pinata too.
Let’s just look at that cake one more time…
There we go.

One of Claire’s b-day presents promptly became the newest member of our family.

My amazing brother had a birthday too.We celebrated by bowling. Man we love that Josh.
Max had a strings concert.My brother from NYC was in town…love those brothers.

Lucy had her first french braids (Elle took this picture…I love it!).

Some people were extremely excited about the Super Bowl.
And those same people were extremely sad about the outcome of the game. Maybe next year!

Within about a month and a half of taking this:
I took this:
Seriously, what’s up with the weather here? Hmmmm….maybe that’s why we’re getting all these allergies.I’m not complaining…we are soaking up being outside before it gets too hot…
Claire has come up with some awesome outfits.
We like to do crazy hair-dos in the tub.

Poor Max and his b-ball team just can’t seem to catch a break in their games. But about a month ago all but five of them were on some science camp. So the remaining five had to play their little hearts out the entire game, and guess what? They won! Max even made the last shot of the game. Man it was pretty darn exciting. I love how sweaty he is…he worked SO hard.

Elle and her friends’ dance class continues to be a huge success. They had 10 students pretty regularly until we went out of town and messed it up a little…but they’ve got about 5 true and faithful students and they’re pretty darn cute. They say they are starting to practice for their recital now. Can’t wait.

My friend Sarah from England had a layover here and came to visit us for a day. I met her when I lived there in high school and we’ve kept in touch ever since. She always sends my kids the nicest Christmas gifts. They are enamored by her and Grace was SO sad she wouldn’t be here on a day they had school so she could bring her and her English accent to school for show-and-tell.

We’ve been loving this game. We love Boggle too.

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  1. I love all of the activities that you guys are up to! I am sorry about Lucy’s diagnosis but I am happy to know that the Comforter is there for all of us! Lucy does have the biggest smile I have ever seen!

  2. Shawni,

    This is Leslie (Thompson) Wagner from Israel – oh my gosh, is it really 18 years ago?! – but I found your blog through Kara’s. It has been fun seeing what a beautiful family you have. You really are amazing, and I am so impressed and inspired by your family. My heart and prayers are with you and your family with Lucy’s diagnosis. She really is beautiful, as are all of your kids. You are wonderful!

  3. Shawni, I must admit when I saw the picture of Lucy’s darling french braids, I thought it was Claire. So stinkin’ cute. The pony cake is so awesome! I bet she loved it. Love Claire’s creativity in the wardrobe department and the bathtub hairdos bring back so many memories of my sister and I. We always did shampoo commercials with our funky hairdos in the tub. 🙂 Katie told me that Holly and Josie were taking Elle’s dance class and having SO much fun! Quite the entrepreneur. Glad you got to catch up with your old friend. Love all the pictures in your update!


  4. I loved seeing all the photos of your family. I’m so sorry to hear about Lucy. Our thoughts and prayers are with your sweet family.

  5. So much to say!! You have a little Miss Annie in the family, don’t you? A birthday party hosted by the big sisters- how fabulous is that? The cake, adorable of course. Love the picture of the braids. And yes, while your heart aches you do need to go on documenting your fun family and all their antics. They all need you. Your strong family is what will lift you during trying times.

  6. best update ever!
    and for the record… that is SO not a fish… hello! its a pony! 🙂

    my kids are getting square ugly cakes… that just how i roll 🙂

  7. I totally understand “feeling irreverent” going on with life as usual. In the beginning it was so hard to focus on anything but the battle we were facing, but life goes on. Your family is beautiful.

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