This is my new favorite picture:
I have titled it “Morning” because, blurry and all, this so epitomizes the mornings for Lu when we’re not rushing out somewhere. Crazy pony-tails, favorite Christmas jammies, and serious concentration on Littlest Pet Shop.

And I guess it has to be accompanied with these other ones…
Take note of the bread in hand…yep, that’s all part of her morning routine too.

After she gets her Littlest Pet Shop fun in, she heads upstairs to build towers. Man oh man she loves those blocks…
And the stuffed animals…
And this next one epitomizes her favorite leisure suit: pjs with a touch of strawberry shortcake.
The only thing missing is her usually accompanying crocs which she generally sleeps in.Oh, she likes the Polly Pockets too…
Yep, this girl knows how to entertain herself…and me.

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  1. That is my new favorite pic too! And the pj combo is awesome. Why make hard decision, when you can have it all, right?
    Thinking of Lucy often lately.
    You are awesome.

  2. Shawni,
    It is so easy to see why your whole family just adores little Lucy, she is absolutly scrumptious.
    Thanks for your comment. Yes, I am friends with, and adore Melissa and one of my dearest friends is Lori Allred so we have a couple of connections. We will also be at Aspen Grove this summer (the Farnsworths invited us) so I am excited that you and I have several kids the same age. No, I am not a photographer….I wish, it is something I would love to learn. I am just really really good at finding amazing photographers :).
    I love all the pictures that you take, wish we lived close and could use you!

  3. You’re an amazing photographer. The pictures look like a catalog for trendy kids pj’s. It looks like you’ve already gotten the hang of finding wonder in the little things.

  4. I love it!!! What a great record of what she loves to do!!

    Love the PJs and Strawberry Shortcake dress. My little girl does the same thing with her favorite clothes.

    Oh — and seeing these pictures makes me want more windows in my house!!! The photos are amazing!

  5. Hi Shawni,
    Thank you so much for sharing your news. I have been so touched by your candidness with your news about Lucy. She is gorgeous in these pictures. We are thinking about you a bunch and hope you are doing well.
    Hugs from Virginia!

  6. hi shawni
    just woke up (it’s 1:30 am)and you guys are on my heart…looked to see if you had psoted anything new..
    love that little girl like she was my own… if you wake up and read this while she is sleeping..can you give a kiss on her head for me!!?)
    praying for all of you with lots of love

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