Tomorrow is December 1st.

And I am so excited because that means THIS (below) is kicking off:

(You may have noticed that little red box on the right side of this blog and clicked on it before today…if you haven’t that’s the video it shows…and I could watch it a hundred times I just think it’s so beautiful.)

It’s all about service.  Twenty-five days of it to be exact.

I know this is no new idea.

Service is a big deal around Christmas-time.  I think that’s what brings the magic.

But I adore this list of ideas because they’re so simple.

It reminds me that service doesn’t have to be big and fancy to touch hearts.  It can be as little as making a real, live phone call to our parents and telling them we love them.  Or turning off our phone for a few hours and look conscientiously for ways to serve.  Or stopping in our tracks and curling up with a 10-year-old to read a Christmas story instead of saying, “just a minute” for twenty of them.

Today I did just that.

I’ve felt this pulling to slow down, but lately I keep letting things get in the way. So today when Lucy pulled out “The Gift of the Magi” and asked if I would read with her I stopped in my tracks.  We curled up together under the Christmas tree, just me and her in the middle of the afternoon, shut everything else out and read that wonderful story,

And when I wept at the end, just like clockwork every single time I read that story, we snuggled that much closer, and the whole room turned thick with love.

Sometimes as mothers we forget in the frantic pace of things that we are the light for our children.

 I love that our family theme this year happens to coincide so perfectly with this theme (back HERE).

And that Lucy already prays every night that we can remember to be “lights.”

And that Max and Elle can remember too… off in their own corners of the world.

The idea of this whole initiative is to start a chain of service.

Each day do something new to share our light.

I’m attaching another video at the end that is kind of more in depth, but here are screenshots of my favorite parts:

We ARE the light, if we will forget ourselves and let that light seep out of us.

Our family is going to be doing one thing from each day on that calendar starting tomorrow.  (We’re going to incorporate our service planning into our family scriptures each morning.)

Please join us.

No matter what kind of service it is, big or small, it brings light.

Let’s start a chain of light to light up this world like never before this Christmas season.

Please share ideas you and your family may be doing this time of year.  
Because goodness is spurred by goodness after all.
And check out for more ideas.  There is an ap you can download to follow along every day.  And there are videos for each of the twenty-five days leading to Christmas.
I don’t care what religion we are (if even any at all) or which walks of life we come from, we light when we give light.
And that is a beautiful thing.

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    1. I may have misunderstood the app thing, I thought there was one that would come up every day. I tried following on instagram and mormon channel too but I can't find it either! I'll check into this and get back to you…

    2. Checked into it and there's no app 🙁 Sorry I misunderstood that part but those daily videos you can find on about the ways to serve each day are pretty great to watch!

  1. I had a few of those "moments" with my kiddos today. With 3 toddlers, I feel like my mind is always on cleaning, the next meal to cook, thing to do, etc. Today, I spent time cuddling, laughing/being silly, dancing, cupping their faces in my hands, letting them stay up later to watch a Christmas movie… I know that I saw a brighter light in their eyes, which means everything to me, but I also feel a greater light within myself. I feel rejuvenated even though I didn't vacuum once. 😉 Your words made me cry…all joyful tears. ❤️

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