Oh my goodness, so much to say today.

I’ve been thinking about women in our church, and also women in our world lately due to some things in the news, and also some books I’ve been reading, and thoughts I’ve had close to my heart. Trying to articulate them into a blog post for next week.

General Conference

But for today, IT’S CONFERENCE WEEKEND! Oh I do so love conference weekend. To me there’s something special that fills the air listening to all those church leaders give love and guidance. I am trying to prayerfully open my heart, and soften it. Realizing that sometimes God can whisper things to me in ways I don’t expect, if I am humble enough to hear them.

Conference is available to EVERYONE and has messages that I think are helpful to people in all walks of life and in or out of any religion. So tune in if you want to join us.

(That link is for the Saturday session but there’s a Sunday session link as well.)

I’d love to hear what you think, especially if you’re not part of my personal religion. I love to hear and learn from others.

We Believe App

Also, I happen to be the one sharing the “verse of the day” for the “We Believe” app today.

I’m sharing a little story and some thoughts about my prayers for a win for Max’s volleyball team in the state finals years ago.

Lots of questions posed by the We Believe team (Love them!).

I think it’s so interesting that I recorded that little devotional quite a while ago, but it airs today right when I really am trying to get so much more personal revelation.

And then Elder Holland gave such a beautiful sermon about prayer in his talk this morning.

(This is one of my favorite paintings from Jorge Cocco Santangelo.)

I love how he talked about the thousands of prayers offered in behalf of he and his wife were answered. The ones for her not in the way he had wished (she passed away). There’s just such a bigger picture here though. And I loved that reminder.

AND I listened to another beautiful podcast about prayer last week.

I love how in it they talked about how we verbally begin and end prayers as we say them, but really prayer can be an ongoing conversation with God all day long, never really beginning or ending.

I love knowing that He is there to listen any time I want to dish out my troubled, or joyful heart.

Especially right at the moment when I’m searching and yearning for answers about the strength of women in our world. May I be still enough to listen.

Happy Conference Weekend everyone!

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