In the beginning of March Dave, Max and I headed back to the land where Max spent the last two years of his life:  the beautiful country of Taiwan.

Lots more about that HERE, and HERE.

Then the end of Taiwan HERE…and on to a full double-day:

(Lots more about that kind of miracle day back in that post.)

Loved our stop-over to visit our college girl in Hawaii:

 Loved soaking up these kids we’ve seen so little of over the last couple years.

Look at that main guy I got to be with along with those college kids:

Oh boy, hunky. 

I am so grateful for that favorite travel buddy of mine.
Lots more about Hawaii in the second part of that “double day” post back HERE.

This was our red-eye to get home:

Yikes, it was packed.
We had one day back on the homefront.  Lucy got to swim with these darling girls:

 Grace was trying to decide between prom dress options:

We snuggled up our new baby nephew (sort of nephew…I need to look up what the relationship is called when it’s your niece’s baby):

For the last two weeks before Taiwan we had been working on a serious challenge together as a family while we had Max home.  Here was our reminder:

And we headed off to Utah for spring break:

All about that journey back HERE…but here’s a cute picture of my ski date one of the days:

We were really there to move Max into his apartment and bid him goodbye but we got to spend some good times with cousins from both sides of the family while we were up there too.

…and got some beautiful snow while we were at it.

 Back in the desert the trees were bursting with new life:

Dave’s parents returned from serving as missionaries in Ghana.  This is the only picture I have of our first reunion with them:

But here we are when we snuck them out for yogurt to get more of the full scoop up close and personal:
These fragrant orange blossoms made the world so incredibly beautiful…

I’m telling you that’s the best smell on earth. 
And even though we had new blossoms we still had a few extra oranges from our harvest.  These girls got hard at work juicing them for us:

Claire played lots of volleyball:

Max got to ski a couple times before the slopes closed:
The neighborhood trees kept morphing each time I drove in I swear:

 I don’t know why I have this picture…

…but I sure love that girl.

Don’t know why I have this one either:

(But I love that girl and her “Belle bun” as she calls it.)

Sunday walk:

Sunday “ranger cookies.”

FHE cards…I think I had to take a picture of that hand because that, i’m telling you, is a wing-dinger of a hand in “Lucky Unders” and I wanted to show Dave after the game.

The girls and I met Dave at a volleyball game to cheer on so many friends on the team.  Not sure why I took a pic. of our shoes…

 But here are our faces:

Love those girls.  And I think one day I will look back at those sunglasses I’m wearing and wonder about those suckers.  Maybe that day is right now?  Ha! 

This paper puzzled me.  Lucy had carefully written a story on it…over what was already there.  Did she not see those other words?

 Here’s a close-up.

Sometimes I’m just so puzzled trying to figure out how she sees the world.

Our good friend came to town for work and we got him for dinner since his flight was delayed.

Max got to go to a Jazz game.
We hang here at night sometimes: 

 (Lu and I finished The Silver Chair in March and it was good.)

I took this blurry picture because it’s Claire’s soccer stuff set out next to her volleyball stuff…she had it all laid out on one Friday night since often on Saturdays in March she had both…and sometimes tennis mixed in as well.
Ana (my niece) came to town and was oh so helpful as I employed her to help me with my files:

 We found a “Family Time Capsule” with these in it…which we liked.

 These girls did a lemonade stand complete with an option for a drawing of your self-portrait:

 I sure wanted one of those but they closed up shop before I could get mine.

Went to dinner with some of our favorites:

Sometimes I just have to direct my kids to take pictures while I drive when it’s extra pretty:

We went to the Easter pageant “on the bus” with Lucy’s teacher from school:

 (Sorry if I’ve posted these pictures before, I cannot remember!)

Despite not really a big pageant person (maybe that’s bad to admit), I loved it so much.  Maybe it was Lucy’s questions that got to me, but it was a night I hope I’ll always remember with her snuggled in close…and her awesome teacher right there too.

Palm Sunday:

Other Easter prep are HERE….and Holy Week stuff HERE.

The gym felt lonely without our workout buddy Max after he left for Provo:

(He came with us a bunch while he was home.)

I got to meet up with these ladies:

 (my friend turned it black & white since she thought it made us look younger…HA!)

We took Grace and my niece boating:

 (That’s my favorite mountain up there…I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I just love it so much.)

I love her too:

 And these two too:

Here’s Grace wanting us to let Bo surf with her:

 Here’s how Bo felt about that:


 I think water is so pretty:

Some tries at double-surfing that had these girls cracking up:

 Much more about Ana’s visit HERE, but let’s just take a look at my favorite mountain from the road:

Ah, there we go.
Elle’s friends came for a visit:

Elle is SO into film photography. 

When Max came home from his mission she took some film pics and I guess it took her a while to develop and digitize but here are some of them:


Handbells every Monday and Tuesday morning:

Track every day after school…and hot meets:

Lots of walking to school with my girl and Bo:

I went to check on Lu during field day like I always do…I always worry about her.  But this is how I found her so I think she was ok:)


I’m so excited for the BBS conference coming up.  Here’s a brochure my friend from Marshfield Clinic sent…love to see Lu in there…

Bo’s favorite spot in the back yard:

(Yes I’m aware there are a lot of dog pictures in this post…what is happening to me??)

Grace and I played tennis a few times…and this is the only picture I have to show for it:

 She is pretty fun to play against, even though she beat me…or maybe especially because she did 🙂

Painting eggs:

 (lots more about that HERE)

And prep for conference by the wonderful Claire:

And that wraps up March…on “Conference Eve.”

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    1. Here is the states too. Shawni is a great aunt and the baby is a great nephew. However my own aunts hate the great part.

    2. Both great nephew and grand nephew are used in USA. Also Shawni's grandchildren and the baby will be second cousins. While Shawni's children and the baby are first cousins once removed.

      Love these "little things" posts. I'm so impressed with how much you shoe horn into each month!

  1. Hi there- I have three daughters and seem to always have a hard time finding cute and modest dresses from prom and homecoming, etc. Where do you shop for your girls dresses for events like that?

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