We headed to California for MLK weekend. Dave and I left a day early for some doctor appointments (that ended up being cancelled which was a fiasco in and of itself, but I’ll spare that drama for another day:) We met up with some friends and biked our little hearts out exploring new places, our shadows stretched out in front of our bikes on the boardwalk and the huge brilliant blue sky encircling us.

A little hot yoga mixed in.

Lucy’s solo flight

It was fitting that it was MLK weekend and Lucy flew solo to come meet us the day after. She’s done this before, but we were biting our fingernails until she was with us.

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Lucy is such a good example of that quote. She’s sure working on the first part: accepting disappointment. And also on the second part. But maybe in a way her stubbornness and desire to do everything everyone else can do is actually the definition of “infinite hope.”

Lucy’s flight to meet us was delayed which was a little worrisome, of course, but she made it.

We decided to let her find her way out of the airport all by herself. It’s a tiny airport and we were right there on the curb. It is not easy to maneuver airports when you can’t see the signs. It’s a lot of people-asking and boldness and concentration.

So I loved watching her come out of that place glowing and triumphant.

Makes me tear up a little right now to think about it.

We did some of our favorite things.

Went to a car show and Duffy at sunset with the whole world tinged in pink.

We went to church which led to a pretty deep discussion about prayer and what it’s really for, rode bikes across to Balboa and all around the Flower streets (my favorite little outing),

Our friends played games with us (they are friends with Lucy too and she adores them), and made us a pretty delicious meal.

On MLK Day itself we did Lucy’s very favorite: paddleboarding.

I still cannot believe how well that girl learned that skill. Balance is tricky for her, so we are amazed every time. And she is glowing with happiness every time too.

Then we whirlwind packed up to head home to be with Josh for his birthday.

And that is how MLK weekend went down this year.

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  1. YAY Lucy! I hate having to ask for directions so that alone is worthy of praise!
    I’ve seen some other parenting blogs do monthly updates on their “big kids” and wonder if that’s something you might be able to do, with their permission of course. That grand baby of yours must be growing so quickly, and I’d love to hear about your daughters time in Australia, as well as your 3 oldest state side.

    Thank you for sharing this exciting and fun stage with us!

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