January is chock-full of birthday in our neck of the woods.

Josh’s birthday

First up is my brother Josh. We were in California for that quick three-day weekend but got back in time to celebrate with some bananas, cookies, and keto ice cream:)

Gosh I love this brother of mine with all my heart. He’s as patient as they come. He taught me all I know about photography. He has worked with me on blog set-up and issues countless times. You can always count on this guy. And he is the best teacher in the whole history of this wide world.

Claire’s birthday

Oh gosh, to have your girl on the other side of the world from you on her birthday is hard on a mama heart. I wrote some things (the tip of the iceberg) I love about her, and also an intro to how Australia is going so far, but this is what happened on the actual birthday.

Claire greeted her birthday sooner than we did since sheโ€™s 18 hours ahead. We got to talk, but that girl was pretty homesick! I think these big sisters sure helped!

Then her companion had us join on a call where she surprised her with the birthday video she had made (and had gathered happy-bday-wishing videos from the rest of us in advance). There is so much magic in being cherished.

Then her zone had a little party for her, and the bishop had them over for dinner and a beautiful cake.

Oh gosh, I cannot even express how much it means to have others take care of your daughter on her birthday when you can’t. Especially when the packages you sent didn’t get there for the big day. Wish I could give them all big hugs.

We all got on a bday call our night, her day. Max and Abby joined from their cruise (for work), Elle and Carson late-night in Florida, Lucy freshly home from a rare (which turns it sacred) opportunity to be with friends, Grace maneuvering between parties in Provo, Dave helping Bo join in too, me sitting at my friend’s house getting my hair colored, smiles all around, and so much love pouring out of that screen.

Gosh I love them, every one.

My birthday

My birthday is just a few days after Claires, and we happened to be here on the big day, visiting Dave’s sister and brother-in-law:

So much more to say about that (hopefully tomorrow), but here’s the pre-birthday stuff. Got to go on a hike and to lunch to celebrate with these lovely ladies:

These two sweeties decorated the kitchen and showered me with gifts:

And I got to make my own favorite cookies (my fav. thing to do on my birthday, ha! made some to take to Africa too):

On the actual big day, we had the best adventure with this crew, followed by a fancy dinner.

And then followed by these faces greeting me on the phone:

Oh it sure was a great, memorable day!

Carson’s birthday

And last but not least, it was Carson’s birthday on the 31st.

Oh boy did we ever luck out getting this man as part of our family. He is so conscientious, humble, hard-working, kind, and one of the best conversationalists out there. He’s so easy to have around, so low-key and easy going. Yet so willing to stand up for what’s right and true. His heart is full of gold and he makes Elle the happiest. They are just so good for each other. And well, while we’re at it, he sure makes Lucy happy too! When we are together she sticks to him like a bee to honey. She can just feel his kindness oozing out and wrapping around us all.

Shout out to this guy because he just had all his interviews for his residency and had a pretty incredible experience. Now those two are in the process of ranking their favorites, ready to get “matched” next month. Lots of really big things coming for those two!

Sure love you Carson!

It was a grand birthday month, all wrapped up.

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  1. LOVE seeing all these birthday pictures! We are saturated with birthdays this season! Love seeing Claire and everybody , even little Murphy wishing her a Happy Birthday! Yours was a birthday you’ll never forget!
    Sending love!

  2. It’s heartwarming to see the love and appreciation flowing through these birthday celebrations! From sharing sweet treats to heartfelt sentiments, each moment is filled with genuine affection and gratitude. Even when distance separates loved ones, the bonds of family remain strong. Wishing Josh, Claire, and Carson all the happiness on their special days and beyond. Cheers to creating beautiful memories together! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿ’–

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