This was my favorite Christmas present:
I gave it to myself…and to our family.

It is half of our family videos I had an very talented girl transfer to DVD. (Yes, I still have tons more to have done, but at least we’re started off on a good foot, and we don’t have to try to rig up all the wires and paraphernalia to watch old movies any more.)

These DVDs are what I would like to classify as a pure treasure.

They make me want to video tape so much more. There’s so much that can’t really be captured in a photo.

I’m envisioning slow Sundays to snuggle on the couch and watch them endlessly, but until that happens (in my dreams) we’ve been squeezing in a few moments to watch here and there. We have laughed at the way tiny Max and his bitty teammates didn’t know which way to go on the soccer field. I’ve teared up at the way impish little-girl Elle watches out for baby sister Grace. I’ve wished with all my heart to reach through the tv screen to let newborn Claire curl up on my shoulder…to drink that sweetness in just one more time. And the next second we’re all chuckling about how funny toddler Grace was in her dance class.

I wish I didn’t ask so many dumb questions as I video-taped. I wonder about those crazy overalls I used to wear. I fall in love all over again with the gurgling and cooing of my babies, my heart melts watching Dave be “Dad.” We get to flashback in time and remember.

The only problem is that this treasure makes me me so nostalgic.

How did so much change when I blinked?

When did Elle loose her super deep, raspy voice?

What happened to that sparkly-eyed baby with a ponytail sticking straight up on top of her head (Grace).

When did Max lose his karate-chop stance he used to do when I asked him questions?

How in the world did that little gurgling baby Claire transform into a wispy first-grader with teeth continually falling out of her head?

I do not know.

All I know is that I am forever grateful to have “us” captured to cherish and reminisce.

Because I like “us.”

post edit note: In response to those who have emailed and commented for contact info, the girl’s name who did this for me is Emily Blais. You can contact her through her blog here.

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  1. What a great idea! Although I don't have too much video taped : ( My little one has a deep, raspy voice… I hope she doesn't lose it. They grow right before our eyes!

  2. thanks Shawni! I just left her a message! I hope she will do my videos! thanks for sharing! did you write down title information for her or how were the chapters done?!
    thanks so much! how many hours would you say you have?! I have lots from when they were little, but not so much now! they are the ones doing the taping of each other!

  3. I did this for my family for Christmas too! I am in LOVE with family memories. Thanks for sharing your nostalgia – your imagery of newborn babies brings emotions to the surface. I will snuggle my three week-old even closer today.

  4. That is so great! I highly suggest ripping the discs to your computer, too, for long-term safety and ease of use. We have abandoned DVDs and now put all of our videos straight onto two different hard drives (one is backup). We use Front Row on our Macs to view the videos (there are many ways to view them; it's the slickest and easiest though). I organized them by year (yyyy_mm_dd) along with a short description, and have a folder for every year. Our kids are always watching our home movies (a favorite Sunday activity) and we don't have to worry about losing or scratching discs.

  5. Thanks for reminding me that not only do I need to organize my photos, but I need to keep transferring videos! I use a Sony DVD burner. I hook up my camera (and also play it on the tv, too) and let it play (and record at the same time) and then burn the dvd. I can do it while doing housework. I just need to get it out! If you have old tapes, do not throw them out. This is the original source and they should be kept (according to some guru!).

    Amazing how kids morph into young adults? My son is 12 and started his own ski waxing business, while my 13 year old babysits! Where did the time go? glad we have photos and videos to help us remember! hugs, Cathy

  6. I do one family video each year, combining all our photos and our videos.
    We watch them on fast sunday when we would normally be eating breakfast.
    They're lovely. 🙂

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