Did you know that today is “National Entitlement Awareness Day”?

At least that’s what my family and I are proclaiming it to be.

You see, today is the day we are trying to make a “ripple-effect” of spreading the final word about their soon-to-be-released book “The Entitlement Trap” that I have been so excited about. (I put an excerpt from the book in this post…and whenever I start to get worried my kids are feeling entitled I still like to go back and read the great comments there. There are some wise parents out there.)

Anyway, in celebration of the book’s upcoming release they are doing a giant give-away for those who pre-order the book. There are three different levels of prizes including things like airfare, lodging and complimentary passes for a Power of Moms Couples Retreat coming up in September. One of the prizes is a private dinner with my parents and I know I’m biased but boy howdy that is a good prize.

“Why pre-order?” you may ask. Well, the more pre-orders that come in for the book, the more interest it will generate when it is released. The more interest that is generated the more people will realize what a big problem our country has with entitlement. Which realization in turn leads to more deliberate parenting helping our children become the responsible, aware, happy adults we parents pray our guts out that they will one day become.

Click here to enter and get all the details.

Happy Entitlement Awareness Day!

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  1. I wonder if that prize will fly me from Australia 😉 How I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to come along on one of those retreats! Maybe on my dream trip to the USA I can schedule one in!
    I am still going to order a a copy of your parent's book. It is a topic of conversation that comes up a lot between my husband and I. Certainly a topic of conversation that today's parents need to be having if we are going to make a difference to our children's future!
    I love your blog Shawni, thank you for allowing us to share your family's life and all of your trials and tribulations with parenting! it is very refreshing and honest.

  2. The whole Entitlement thing is a big issue here in the UK too. I have pre ordered a copy of the book; available for £9.84 from Amazon UK

  3. I'm so excited about this book. I have already pre-ordered my copy. As Jo said- the entitlement thing is a major issue here in the UK too (just look at the riots we just had…)

  4. I just ordered mine! Listened in on the webinar last month and felt inspired! I'm so glad your parents are tackling this problem and letting me in on their little secrets! 🙂

  5. Shawni, thanks for your wisdom. I just had a baby last week and as I hold her my heart just aches, knowing that the time will come that I am done having babies. Your post about becoming really touched me. You are such a light to me on my journey through motherhood. I am reading one of your parents books and found some adorable pictures of what I assume is a younger you! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the blogosphere. 🙂

  6. Just ordered my books and so excited.

    I was telling my mom how obsessed I am with your blog and how I wanted some of your parents books for Christmas, etc. I was telling her all about your parents, she laughed and said they have been around helping parents since you (me)were my baby. I read a number of their books and have loved them! I just laughed that I am now just on the boat…he he he

    Hope I win the seminar that would be WONDERFUL!

  7. Just pre-ordered! I'm so excited to read that book, I can hardly wait! Your mom and dad are so inspiring and full of amazing ideas! Thanks for the info!

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