En route down the canyon after Ana’s wedding our car filled up with the magic of connecting even when you’re far apart.

You see, Lucy had been at her Teen to Work summer camp for her first full day.

And she had called and FaceTimed in and out of the day. Oh she was brave I tell you. But even amidst the glory of all the wedding festivities my heart was wrapping around her from afar. Anyone who has sent a child to summer camp is well aware of these feelings…what was she doing right now? How was she feeling? Had she met any friends? Is she finding her way around ok?

It is to hard to let kids go.

Both Lucy and my hearts were filled up with some anxiousness on her journey to settling into this new big thing.

Connecting through reading even when we’re far apart

As Grace, Claire and I drove down the canyon, we FaceTimed with Lucy, seeking to pump that girl up. (Grace and Claire are the best cheerleaders!). Lucy had wanted to read Narnia together and we had been looking for a copy at my parent’s house to no avail. Thankfully that book, Prince Caspian that we are in the middle of right now, was available on Hoopla (online library).

Grace and Claire took turns reading the most beautiful part of that book to Lu as I drove in the dark of the night.

It was the part of the book where Lucy (the character from the book) can see Aslan and the rest cannot. That little tribe of Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are hopelessly lost on their journey. Lucy is delighted to see Aslan beckoning to lead them to safety. But her siblings cannot see that lion. They keep choosing treacherous pathways instead of leading into the Guidance on the horizon. And then gradually, one by one, they start to be able to see Aslan.

Sacred Mothering Moments

Our whole car gradually filled up with this thick love that is difficult to describe. The story. The girl I love seeking to see her own version of Aslan to guide her in this new hard “impossible.” I could almost feel my Lucy feeling that whole story through the phone.

When we finished reading, Lucy offered to say a prayer and it was one of the most sacred moments of mothering for me. Listening to the gratitude spilling out of that girl even in the midst of some pretty scary times. Our car with my older girls swelling up with so much love.

Yes, there is so much magic to be found in connecting even when you’re far apart.

Since then, we have read every night but one before we pray together over the phone.

Each night my heart fills with gratitude for that phone that can connect us. For those C.S. Lewis words washing over us in goodness. Each night I’m grateful for the power of prayer, and specifically praying together. For both our hearts. And gratitude for that girl on the other end of the line, bravely maneuvering such a new experience.

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  1. Oh Shawni! What a special time each day to get to read together and say prayers! A beautiful end of the day for each of you! I am sure that buoys Lucy up! Your family is such an inspiration to me!

    Our two boys have fallen away from the church. It is hard on a Mother’s heart! I have been counseled to love them and they will return in their time. Sending prayers for Lucy and your family until you meet again!

  2. I love the way you are all connecting at a distance. What a beautiful story and path Lucy is taking on her own but with the support of her family!

  3. Shawni, just a couple of things I thought I’d as I read your beautiful post. I love that you were able to read to Lucy over the phone, but if there is a time when you aren’t able to connect at the perfect moment, these are the two things I thought of. First is to record yourself reading (I just turn on the voice memo function on my phone while I’m reading to my kids) and second is this audiobook version which my kids LOVED (we always used to listen to it on our way to the Chicago temple and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to drive the Dan Ryan Expressway without hearing Aslan, haha). https://amzn.to/3XbR6S6

  4. This is absolutely beautiful!! I love this so much. What a sacred moment! You all have been wrapping each other up in so much love. And your Lucy is so courageous and amazing! Xoxo

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