(part 1 is back HERE) Other things we did there: 2013-09-01 iPhone 87169 Central Park:2013-09-01 new york 86248 One of my favorite places to people-watch.  Ever.2013-09-01 new york 862582013-09-01 new york 862672013-09-01 new york 862702013-09-01 new york 86280We only got video footage of the most interesting people so you’ll have to check out Elle’s video (at the end) for that. 2013-09-01 new york 86105 Take-out Thai dinner on my brother’s back porch.2013-09-01 new york 86106 Breakfast on my brothers porch:2013-09-01 new york 86115We had to take advantage of that thing…so rare to have that much space to spread out in NYC.  They sure lucked out with that apartment. One of my favorite things: crushed fall leaves on black asphalt.2013-09-01 new york 86135I know, I’m weird like that.2013-09-01 new york 86138 Church in my brother’s ward on the upper East side.2013-09-01 new york 86142 Didn’t get this pic. until after we changed, but had to get that sign.  2013-09-01 new york 86145Met so many cool people there…namely a guy from Romania which I was so excited about since I lived there for a year and a half. Kind of sad that I could hardly speak a wink of Romanian to him though…2013-09-01 new york 86147 The Met. 2013-09-01 new york 86235 I am in love with art museums. My very favorite is the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (which I fell head-over-heels in love with when I studied Art History at Boston University). My second favorite is the Met. I adore all the different kinds of ways creative people have figured out to express themselves. And I think I adore even more sharing that with my family.2013-09-01 new york 86217 2013-09-01 new york 86218 …and watching my kids soak it all in.2013-09-01 new york 862272013-09-01 new york 86228 I was obviously very excited about this one.  It’s one I’ve taught every single one of my kids’ kindergarten classes for Art Masterpiece.2013-09-01 new york 86233 One of my favorite parts of The Met is the roof.2013-09-01 new york 86159 Because that view is a piece of art itself as far as I’m concerned.2013-09-01 new york 861662013-09-01 new york 86178 Loved being with my brother Eli and his cute family there.  Eli loves art almost as much as I do.  I love hearing his thoughts on all the different creations there.2013-09-01 Eli's NYC 863752013-09-01 new york 861912013-09-01 new york 861922013-09-01 new york 86193   2013-09-01 new york 86197I think that reflecting wall up above is a pretty cool piece of art itself. And that baby…2013-09-01 new york 86209LOVE. How did we ever, EVER live without the handy dandy iPhone maps?2013-09-01 iPhone 87171 Staten Island Ferry. 2013-09-01 iPhone 871742013-09-01 new york 863292013-09-01 new york 863302013-09-01 new york 863352013-09-01 new york 86340 2013-09-01 new york 860562013-09-01 new york 860582013-09-01 new york 860662013-09-01 Eli's NYC 863802013-09-01 new york 863482013-09-01 new york 86099 One more little diner for breakfast on our way out of town.2013-09-02 NYC 86385Shots like that one make me go into IWAN phase a little bit. Goodbye for now.2013-09-02 NYC 86388 Just found out Eli is going to be leaving DC to join Tal in NYC in the next little while…so glad we got to spend some time with both of them in their city.2013-09-02 NYC 86396 Best tour-guides ever. Here’s Elle’s video that I’m in love with. NYC from elle  on Vimeo.

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  1. Trip looks amazing. Also love the Met!! Elle has some serious skills! She should save these for a future job, like added to her resume. What does she use for the clips? My guess is a DSLR because of the focus control she seems to have?

  2. Love the pics of the freedom tower.Lost one of my sisters high school friends on the 2nd plane that hit the towers so I loved seeing the pics awhile back of the 9/11 memorial

  3. I love Elle's video too–she really did a great job putting that together. Were you taking vids on your slr or were they all smart phone videos?

  4. to mirror all the comments already; Elle, your video was really great. I graduated college with an emphasis in broadcasting, so I worked with video a lot and I have to say, I'm impressed. I especially liked how the dancing rollerblader lines up with the music and the end with the wide shot of the island of Manhattan (dreamy shot) and how the subway doors close to finish it off. Nicely done!

  5. Love the pictures and love the video. Great job Elle! My mom and I took my two oldest daughters (11 & 13) to NYC this summer and we had the best time. We are from Wichita, KS so it was a big deal to them. Will never forget the look on their cute little faces when they saw Times Square for the first time. So many fun memories! Your blog always makes me smile. Thanks! 🙂

  6. Love that video! And the song! We love NYC so much and are lucky to get to visit frequently since my sister lives there and we can stay with her and her husband.

  7. Ahhh i LOVE nyc! It looks like you guys had so much fun! That baby is adorable 🙂 Where did Elle get that blue striped skirt she was wearing, it's soooo cute! And that video was awesome! She should totally be a videographer. I bet people would love to hire her for weddings and stuff.

    Oh and I've never been to the met, but i can totally agree with you and say that the boston fine arts museum is my favorite too, it's definitely amazing!

  8. What a fun trip! I'm glad you guys could make so many awesome memories!

    I have to know… how tall are all of you?! (I know you said that you are all at least 6 feet tall, but I was just curious.) I bet Max could still grow a few more inches, so it will be interesting to see what he tops out at! I'm only 5'1" so the four of you would stand 12 inches+ above me (if I could stand, that is).

    I love looking at all of the awesome pictures you guys take. I think it's neat that you and a bunch of your siblings, and even some of your kids enjoy photography. (At least, photography seems to be a family affair.) And I always love Elle's slideshows/videos!

    You're paralyzed friend,

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