Dave’s Dad turns 70 today. (Happy Birthday Papa!)

The whole family (adults) flew in for the weekend to celebrate. With nine grown, mostly married kids, that makes for a LOT of people: It was a pretty much non-stop party all weekend.

A whole slew of pictures coming, but in the meantime I just figured I’d leave a few examples of the exceptional parenting that Dave and I exhibited amidst the festivities.

During the adult tennis tournament, Grace had a much-anticipated birthday party to attend. I couldn’t find her a ride, so she rode her bike (not that close, but good for her).

I forgot to leave her the money she was going to give as a gift (since we couldn’t get a minute to get to the store), so after scouring the house for cash and only coming up with a five-dollar-bill and a handful of coins she bagged the money idea (thank Heavens) and presented her friend with a can of rootbeer, some sour patch kids and a couple leftover mini candy canes from Christmas (oh shoot, never mind on the “thank heavens”).

Yeah, we might need to drop something else off over there 🙂

When Dave asked me why I was texting during one of the party events I explained that I was trying to find a ride for Claire to her soccer game the next day.

He looked at me in confusion and said, “Claire’s playing soccer this season?”

Yeah, it’s half way through the season, honey.

Grace lost another molar tooth this weekend. When she went to put it under her pillow she reminded the family under her breath that this will be her fifth tooth under her pillow waiting for the tooth fairy.


My question is, how in the world does she sleep with all those teeth under there waiting to be traded in for a little cash?

There were a bunch more exhibitions of our careful, loving parenting tactics, but I will just sum up by saying I am happy to report that despite our lack of parenting skills over the weekend, everyone survived with flying colors.

And Papa’s birthday was well-celebrated.

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  1. thanks for sharing 🙂 My hubby had a moment like that this week … we were at the hospital waiting for the dr. to deliver our baby when my husband expressed complete surprise when he learned our Dr. — our family practitioner and ob for the last YEAR — was a woman. Not sure how he didn't catch on to all the "she" references, but we both laughed about it 🙂

  2. Dave's comment about Claire playing soccer made me laugh out loud! I love it! And BTW, you should have called. You know I would have taken Claire in a heartbeat! Hope you guys had such a FUN weekend!

  3. Wow! I didn't realize Dave came from a big family too! Also, does Elle still do photography?!? She doesn't update her blog much but … That's probably a good thing because it means she isn't being overtaken by the computer! 🙂 I think it would be awesome to see more of her amazing photographs! She's definitely got some pure talent!

  4. this post cracks me up. i am glad that i am not the only one whose husband sometimes doesn't quite remember all the kids' activities and who has a hard time getting to the store to get birthday gifts…sometimes i wonder if it is healthy to be this busy!

  5. This made me smile…even though all my kids are now grown, my husband occasionally surprises me with a "what, how come I didn't know that" question. I laugh to myself and think (to myself of course)"where have you been and don't we live in the same house–apparently not!!" Life–it gets in the way of our "lives" sometimes, doesn't it?

  6. I attended a fireside recently and met your parents. I had my 6 month old baby in tow, and they were so cute talking to him!
    My friend Andrea introduced me to your blog and I have been enjoying it so much, reading old posts for the past couple of weeks and picking up all sorts of great parenting ideas, so thank you!

  7. My daughter lost her first tooth over the weekend and the tooth fairy forgot! Thanks for posting, I was feeling bad about that. I love this blog. You have answered a few prayers with your honesty and sincerity. I have found more strength to be a BETTER mother.

  8. Oh snap, it was my father's 80th on the weekend, well all got together in the country with our collective 14 grandchildren, it was amazing. Happy birthday to the fabulous man, love Posie

  9. This is probably my favorite post EVER! I'm glad you are a "real" person. You are so amazing and have such an awesome family. I really enjoy reading your blog. As for the Tooth Fairy, my sister with nine children has her kids tape their teeth to the fridge and the Tooth Fairy tapes the money there too. A little strange maybe, but that's the only way the T.F. can remember over there.
    Thanks again for the funny post.

  10. ok. craziness. I grew up in the Pothier's ward in Mesa! Laurel is just younger than me! Marva used to VT my mom! Small world. I just stumbled upon your blog on pinterest! what a beautiful family you have. good luck to you.

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