Not enough is said here about Dave.
And he likes it that way.
But every now and then I just have to say how grateful I am for him.  
And for how he shepherds and looks after our children.  

I’m so grateful for the traditional beginning-of-school blessings he gives them each year.

And that he is always trying to think of new ways to help them fly.

…a new sports training, a little side-date to talk about something he knows may be worrying them, a little funny dance to cheer them up when they are sad, a loud compliment in front of other people that makes them grin from ear to ear.

I love that just as quickly as we both may write things on those fingertips of those children of ours about what they’re good at, he’s also quick to add what they need to work on on their toes.  (that won’t make sense unless you read this post…and this one that includes the “toes” part).

Sometimes I just look at him and think to myself, “yes, that’s why so-and-so has confidence in this,” or “he’s why we have a schedule that runs smoothly in the mornings,” or “wow, he’s good-looking.” 🙂

Yes, we sure all lucked out to have this guy around here.

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. Speaking of good parenting (and to take away too much mushiness about Dave which he will be mad at me about), my sister has a really cool thing coming up tomorrow night in downtown SLC.  It’s a small-scale motherhood retreat (one of those that are always amazing coming from Power of Moms). It is also a kind of “book launch party” because this little beauty just came out:

(It’s a new and improved publication of the book I wrote about back here…my mom and sisters and I all have our own little chapters in that thing along with some other mothers who have written such thought-provoking powerful motherhood essays.)

Tomorrow night is going to be an amazing night with my mom and sister speaking along with a few other distinguished Power of Moms people.  I wish I could somehow morph myself up there and get inspired by them all!

Click HERE for all the details.  I think you have to sign up by tonight so get clicking 🙂

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  1. Just wondering if they could have a "donor match" sign up at the Deliberate retreat tomorrow? I'm going and I'm sure every mom would help out…just a thought!

  2. I loved reading the fingertips and toes posts!! Especially the toes, that was perfect for me to hear so thank you! How tall are your husband and son? Thanks so much for all your inspiring words! They help me greatly!

  3. I 100% agree with everything you said about Dave. What a stellar Dad and husband he is. Dad and I are so grateful that he is there to keep you balanced during stressful times of which there have been a few lately!

    We had so much fun a the "launch". Such wonderful deliberate moms all collected in one room feels like a lot of power!

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