…even though we’re not really celebrating ’til next week around here.

Because this is what we did last week:

Fri – Sat — Motherhood Retreat (amazing…more about that later)
Sat night — red-eye to D.C.
Sunday — soak in friends we miss who live there
Mon-Thurs — soak in our old stomping grounds: D.C. (still love that city, still hate the traffic and the signs that don’t make any sense) take like 5,000 pictures…have the best time…much more on that later
Thurs afternoon — stress out to the max because we all almost (within minutes) missed our flights because of two-hour bumper to bumper traffic…Dave and kids back home, me to the BBS conference at Duke University
Fri-Sat — BBS conference with my Mom (so interesting and so glad we went…more later)
Sat night — miss connection in Chicago to get home because of “crew problems” and a series of other unfortunate events…mad as a hornet at United Airlines who puts me up at a ritzy hotel because I was in tears along with having those little angry puffs of smoke coming out of my ears by the time I got to the right service counter wanting to get home to see my baby who wasn’t with us in D.C. Sleep for about three hours and then catch another plane
Sun — get my baby (yes, Lucy is still my baby), head back home to meet other kids…Dave in China (what a Father’s Day)

So, needless to say, Father’s Day was a little unorthodox over here.

But I couldn’t go to sleep without at least mentioning that I feel like I’m the luckiest girl ever to have married this man…the father of our children. He sees things they need that I miss. He pushes them to new levels in the most loving way. His heart turns to mush as far as they’re concerned, and then that, in turn, makes my heart all mushy (so sorry for all the mushiness over here). He is so ultra-protective it’s endearing. I’m so forever thankful that he’s mine…

…and theirs.Elle did her own tribute to Dave here…I think it is so very sweet.

And then there’s my Dad:
Every aspect of my life is influenced so abundantly by him and the way he was there…really there for me growing up. He and my Mom took care of Lucy last week and she’s come home instilled with a little of his calmness and his imagination. (Crossing my fingers the calmness will last…)

And Dave’s Dad:
…one of the most humble, loving people I know, who raised Dave to be perfect for me…I’m so indebted to him.

Yes, I have some very good fathers in my life.

And I adore each and every one of them.

Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. Wow, that was a crazy week. And that delay–so frustrating. So sorry Dave had to spend Father's Day away. My husband is working out of town too…it's a strange day when they aren't home, eh?

  2. I love it. What a lucky family. There are so many wonderful dads in this world aren't there?
    Mine was truly unique, a little unorthodox, and a big time surfer. Almost all the memories I have of my dad involve surfing or the jungles of Hawaii.

  3. Shawni,
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for replying to me with the painter's info. I really appreciate you taking the time to do so. I will contact him ASAP.
    I hope you had wonderful travels and can't wait to hear about them!

  4. I love being reminded to thank my in-laws for the man who is the father to my babies. Thanks for that all-important reminder.

    Can't wait to hear about your trip to our area (DC)!

  5. oh man, lots of people will be waiting with baited breath (how's that for a mom quote for you) to see the pictures from d.c. 5,000 has to be an understatement. hope you saw some stuff with your eyes as well as your lens. love you a lot shas, i am so excited to spend all day everyday with you soon!!!

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