annual gingerbread house

The best thing about having family traditions is that kids hold you to them. Whether there’s craziness swirling around you or not. So you make time. And that time is magical. The kids asked pretty much every single day if we were doing that darn gingerbread house so finally, we did.

the gingerbread house

I love traditional-gingerbread-house-making.So do these guys:Lucy was especially serious about the task this year…she was all about the patterns and careful candy placement (and was so good at not eating it…what a good girl).(Contrary to what this picture depicts, Claire and Grace were pleased as punch about gingerbread-house-making…)

the BEST home-made bread

Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments about hard work yesterday. I’m even more determined to stick these kids’ noses to the grindstone. A few people asked what we do for allowance and all that money stuff and I have much to say about that…soon. (I still have to figure out how I…


There will come a time in my life when baking home-made bread will be such a regular occurrence in our home that it will not warrant taking incessant pictures of the finished product. Until then, please endure:I get excited about this stuff. So does my little helper. She really did help. It was a bonding…

home-made bread

I did it.I dusted off the wheat grinder and finally made bread (those who brought us the most delicious home-made bread after I wrote about how much I wanted to make it here will be glad to know I finally got my act together…thanks again by the way for that!!). I’ve got no excuses not…