This year they decided to have an inaugural year for “powder puff” football at our high school.
And it was a pretty fun thing to add into the schedule.  
The football players from the regular season were the coaches and anyone who wanted to could play.
So Elle played.
This was her team:

She cracked me up trying to get to her practices between photoshoots and photo editing and all the other senior hoopla going on.

But along came the night and Dave and I went to cheer on our girl and her team 🙂

It was a gorgeous night, perfect for a night of football enjoyment.

My friend who is a teacher there and who helps with all the student council stuff saw me walking in with my camera and rushed me over to the field to help take pictures to document the night.

Of course I was happy to comply:)

You have to look close but check out Elle’s determination.

This was serious business.

Some of the boys took on the cheerleading role and made up a whole {pretty funny} routine.

The white team made a goal right at the beginning so the coaches were on these girls’ cases to get busy and get another goal.

Check out that moon up there in the above picture.  It was such a pretty night!!

In the end the white team won, gosh dang it!

But we (the black team) cheered them on anyway 🙂

These girls were good supporters.

Before I know it they will be out there playing their own powderpuff as seniors.

Love all these great friends!

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  1. Love that you wrote, "they made a goal"…written like a true soccer mom:) I did this in high school and it was so much fun!! Happy there are schools around that are still having powder puff.

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