We were a tad bit late on our Valentines-prep “heart-attack” this year, but we hunkered down and did it for FHE on Monday.  It is one of my very favorite traditions. 2013-01-28 heart attack 68974 Everyone writes a heart for everyone else…something that they love about them and then we “heart-attack” the house.2013-01-28 heart attack 68976 It’s a great thing to be reminded of that love all month.2013-01-28 heart attack 68977 I mostly love that when kids get snippy with each other I can just point to those puppies hanging on the wall and remind them that they really do love each other. 2013-01-28 heart attack 689782013-01-28 heart attack 68982 2013-01-28 heart attack 68985 Some random ones I took pictures of…2013-01-28 heart attack 68986 2013-01-28 heart attack 689872013-01-28 heart attack 689892013-01-28 heart attack 689902013-01-28 heart attack 68991 I also have to say thank you for all the insightful comments yesterday.  I realize that I am very, very lucky to have had the family experiences I have had in my life.  And when you have something you are so deeply grateful for, you sure want others to have it too.  I hope and pray that there will always be respect for that sacred unit.  And for the sacred duty parents have to raise children the best way they know how.

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  1. I am so copying your idea. I think we need a year round "heart attack" in our house to remind my kids that they really do love each other. 🙂 I'm excited to make one for my husband because I know I don't tell him enough how much I love and appreciate him. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. We did this last year because you inspired us, and this year, the kids are already asking when we're filling the kitchen with hearts again. As always, thank you for sharing your awesome ideas.

  3. I wanted to comment yesterday but didn't. You obviously struck a chord with the number of comments. Thank you for the reminder to be grateful to be "enshrouded" I'm family life right now. Sometimes I forget with daily life but I'm so very grateful to have come from an amazing home and I'm trying my best to have a happy healthy home for my brood! You are so inspiring and wonderful.

  4. I didn't comment on the enshrouded post. I had some things to say but realised that my opinion had already been shared. So what I really like about you is that tolerate (or rather welcome) different opinions and I have the feeling that you take them into account.

  5. I've always loved this idea of yours!! The hearts are cut up and ready to go. We do ours thru out the month, it's great to spread it out as long as we can. Showing a little lOVE everyday to someone.

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring us with this idea.
    Great photos!

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