Hiking season is at it’s finest right now here in the desert.

(Also allergies are at their “finest” right now in the desert, but we’re trying to forget about that part!)

For some reason this season has been the nuttiest yet, and I haven’t gotten out there as much as I wish, but this post is to motivate me to get out there at least once a week to take advantage of all this gorgeousness before the world starts melting around here.

Love these “thinkers” I try to hike with when I can:

This is Camelback hike, one of the prized hikes here in the desert.

You can go up the mountain two different ways, and I love both sides.

This one is the Wind Caves:

Another quick go-to hike.

And this one is Bulldog Saddle Trail, a really good new one we’ve found:

That last one was the afternoon of the day I was the teacher for our stake religion gospel study class, following quickly after this other speaking dealio, and it felt so good to get out into that big wide world and breathe in that azure beauty.

Nothing like being cradled in this beloved desert portion of Mother Earth for some good renewal.

Meanwhile, Dave found his own kind of renewal in the heaps of snow pouring into Utah:

(His annual ski trip with his college friends.)

Love that he gets to do that each year.

Gosh we live in a beautiful world!

And for anyone wanting to hike in the desert in all this spring glory and looking for the perfect hike, here’s a little gift to you:

A Guide to the Best Desert Hikes


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