First of all, thank you SO much for all the extremely kind comments to go along with that last post. Wow. I really appreciate it.

We get to have a three-day-weekend over here and we’re soaking in every minute of it. I LOVE no-school Mondays…getting to stay up late on Sunday night with just our family is the best. We watched “Forever Strong.” I had never seen it and I loved it…especially the small conversations it started with my kids.

On Saturday I couldn’t talk any of my kids into doing P90X with me (I’ve reverted back to a mix between that and Insanity), so Dave took pity on me and went running with me.

Boy howdy I thought I was in shape. Why does running make your hips hurt so bad?

But I will say I was completely euphoric that I ran for a whole mile and a half without a single stop. Marathon runners, go ahead and laugh, but I’m telling you, I was on a high after that. I did have to stop twice running the same distance back home, but hey, I’ll do better next time.

When I run (those five times that I have) I do kind of “get” why people run. What a feeling of exhilaration when you’re done. But then I don’t go again for a year or so…hmmm.

My problem is that I get sidetracked just wishing I had my camera to capture the way the shadows of the trees intertwine in such harmony…or the beauty of a patch of golden leaves strewn across the sidewalk in front of me…or those unique brown berry-looking things hanging from one tree that catch the angle of the sun so perfectly that they glisten. I had a tough time just passing by them rather than stopping to gather them up and take them right home with me.

But the best part? Having Dave run at my side giving me pep talks.

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  1. I feel the exact same way about running. My husband HAS to give me a pep talk before, during and after running with him.

    I've been following your blog ever since you were featured on 6th street design…This last weekend as I was reading your post on your profile, my husband walked into the room and instantly recognized your last name. His sister Jenna (my SIL) was roommates with Julie (your SIL) at BYU and are still good friends. Small world.

    Oh and I love reading your blog & looking at your photography. 🙂

  2. Running is not my thing, but cuddos to those that do run. My hubs has tried to get me to go running with him but I would rather just walk and enjoy myself.

  3. We saw your video clip on and checked out your blog. Love it! You and your family seem so amazing! You can check out my blog at, but it's nothing to brag about! Glad to have found you out here : )
    Oh, and I am definitely NOT a runner…so kudos to you! Crossfit is pretty amazing-if nothing else check out the website and watch some of the videos, some of those people are hard core!

  4. We broke down and joined a gym with awesome equipment, really great classes and open 24 hours. We go together but do different things. I did not think I was a class person before I tried, but now I LOVE them. BodyPump, BodyAttack, cycling…it's made a huge difference for me and it's only been three months. Since my husband is off during the morning some days, it works great for us when the kids are in school, or our son babsits for an hour and a half. And I have a friend I go with as well; I think going with someone is my motivation. I am not motivated enough to stick with stuff at home. I admire you for sticking with those videos.

  5. ohhh you're good! my hubby is the runner and I prefer the gym and wii fit. I ran a few weeks ago for the first time in years and was hurting for 3 days after that and there is no way hubby would run with me – he'd probably do his whole run and i'd still be on the first or second street! the best thing though was looking at all the nice houses and gardens along the way!

    well done, it's hard to make time for exercise when you have so many little people and a busy house to run!!

  6. I can relate! I love to run, but it is hard for me. I do have asthma, so while I feel I have to work harder than others (as I am starting out with 50% lung capacity) I try not to let it be an excuse. I only run about 4 miles a week, and do two miles each time. I feel very accomplished with that, but will try to get it up to 3 miles each time. As a family we do some 5ks in the summer, and the short-run portion of the Anchorage Marathon.

  7. I have just discovered your blog because I found you on I have loved getting to know your little family a little bit. I am going to do some research on your beautiful little Lucy's condition. I would love to get involved in any way I can.

    Thanks for writing.

  8. Hello! I just came across your blog tonight and as I was reading you were talking about your daughter being diagnosed with Bardet-Biedl. In my husbands family there is 8 children but my mother in law had nine pregnancies and every third child was born with an extra finger on each hand and an extra two on each foot. They each have this very rare disease. They each went blind around the age of 12. My mother in law always tells us that it is a good thing she was done having children by the time they found out what was going on or they probably wouldn't of had more children and my husband is number 7 Good Luck on your journey ahead I prey that they will find somthing to help before cute little lucy goes blind.

  9. I still don't understand running, and I've run in two half marathons. I only do it because my husband loves it when I train, and I love saying I did it after it is all over. I wish I had a reason like, "I get the biggest high from running," or "It feels so good I just can't stop." Believe me, I can stop whenever I want to! And forget about running with my husband–he's so much faster than I am! That's my goal, this year, is to get faster.

  10. Oh my word I forgot to write that yes, Dave broke some ribs…he definitely is iron man because he's been skiing and running and biking through the pain. Seriously, he needs to get better before Tahoe!

  11. You are so funny! I am hot & cold with running, too. I love it in the moment; it's such a great time to reflect & pray. But my knees ache if I do it too much and that is no fun. I've decided that some peoples' bodies are just biomechanically designed to run. Sooooo . . . maybe a little Insanity would jumpstart me out of my post-baby stage….?

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