My little schpeal on made it’s debut yesterday.

My kids have been on me like bees to honey asking incessantly when it will be up, so man alive were they ever excited.

We sat and watched it together yesterday afternoon…their hearts soaring with glee (even when they weren’t in it as much as they hoped) while mine sunk…oh boy I don’t like to watch myself on video.

But I have to admit they did a pretty darn good job. I am amazed that they could take that whole day of footage back in November and shrink it down into those couple minutes and make semblance of all my mumbo jumbo blabbering.

It’s interesting because when they first contacted me to do this thing they said they wanted to concentrate specifically on motherhood. They had read my blog and they wanted to show our family motto and the quotes on our chalkboard and our family dinners. They also wanted to touch on Lucy’s story and how we have to make conscientious decisions about how we will spend our time as mothers to make our motherhood deliberate and fulfilling.

But when you watch it you’ll wonder where in the world all that jazz went because it didn’t quite make the cut. It’s more a blog/photography thing. Which, by the way, I am incredibly honored by.

I just hope people will take a close look at that picture of our family at the end, because that is where the important stuff is. It’s these six people I live with who I adore.

Anyway, click HERE to see the video.

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  1. I love your Video! You are such an example to many many people, especially me, and I hope that you know that. You are an incredible mother, and photographer,blogger..etc. Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

  2. just wanted you to know that because of your blog, we planned an AMAZING relief society activity for next month, based on L.O.V.E. in the family. i will try to blog about it for you when it happens so you can see for yourself what a difference you make in so many lives, the whole world over.

  3. it was awesome! i've been following your blog for a few months. now i never miss a post. the video made me teary at the end. it's so cool to see such awesome people declare who they are…a mother, photographer, a mormon!
    this was great. thanks for sharing. you are beautiful.

  4. what are you talking about…you were amazing, and you inspire us all to be better moms. Thanks for the preview that it was up and running…I love to read about and see your cute family!

  5. I love your blog…and I love your Mormon Message Video. I've already shared it on my facebook page πŸ™‚

    Thank you for inspiring me to be a better mother…and to look for the beauty each new day has to offer me.

    ps. I'm glad I'm not the only one who slams doors πŸ™‚ Ha,ha Makes me feel better.


  6. Simply wonderful. Your blog is my absolute favorite- I know I am going to walk away from each post learning something.

    I LOVE how you stated that you are a fiercely devoted mom. Makes me smile.

  7. Shawni, I know I can just walk down the street and tell you this but I wanted to leave a note on your blog. I love you, you are a such an inspiration to me. I am so thankful to have you as my friend. Thanks so much for your example and also for being such an open book, so I don't feel so guilty on those days that I "slam the door".

    Love Robin

  8. Well I guess I might be just a tiny bit prejudice but I thought that two minutes twenty seconds was spectacular. Just the perfect balance of realism and magic!

  9. I think the video turned out so amazing. Its beautiful! I've been following your blog now almost a year and it is indeed a great inspiration. I am a young mother and it helps me to really think about the foundation I want to build for our family and it helps fulfill my cravings for our family to all be here and be in the middle of the most amazing gift from god, family/children. Thank you for sharing yours with the world. What a blessing! I also seem to be developing a bad memory I didn't realize I had, I think I will need to work on those photography skills.

  10. I was raised by parents who followed all the Eyre ways – TCR, Joy School, etc. And I LOVE your blog. You make me want to be a better mom. Thanks for sharing. The video was awesome.

  11. Yeah!!! I am so happy for you and your family!! You guys should be so proud! It's so wild to see you all moving with voices!! It invites everyone right into your livingroom. Thank you so much for inviting all of us into your life each and everyday! Your blog and Clover Lane are my homepages and my daily source of inspiration!

  12. ahhhhhhh just my luck the website is down for maintenance but I'll be back to check it out! love reading about your family and I'm so glad one of my blog readers told me I'd love it….and I do! well done and can't wait to see the video!


  13. i'm another follower of your blog… and i love it, too… πŸ™‚
    but what i love even more is hearing your voice…and seeing you talk… your video is perfect and wonderful. πŸ™‚ now i can "hear" you and "see" you when you post… πŸ™‚ that makes things so much more real… πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing, even if it was difficult for you to watch… πŸ™‚

  14. So Awesome! I loved it. I totally got chills. It was fun to see you on video. I'm so glad they asked you to do it. Your life and family is such an inspiration.

  15. I have been waiting to see this! You do have an awesome blog because you have an awesome personality and so many people can relate to you. I often find myself talking to someone about something you posted and saying, "my friend, well… this girl that I blog know, said…" I wish the video would have been longer, I wanted to see more! After the video was over, my little girl said, "mom, she is a mormon just like me." Isn't just so awesome?!?

  16. Is it weird that I just adore you and we have never met? I love your video and blog. You an example of a honest, sometimes not so glamorous life of a mother and I often find that you have an answer that I am looking for, for my little family. I am grateful for your sincerity and outlook on life.

  17. I loved the video, but there is SO MUCH MORE to you than what was in that video!!!! I wish they would have made it longer!!! YOu looked BEAUTIFUL!!! you are such an inspiration as a mother!

  18. wow, what a great video, boy do you ever sound like your mom. Your parents have been favorites of mine at Education Week for years, watching you was like watching your mom. I have been following your blog ever since I saw you at TOFW in Spokane, Wa last year, I even bought a better camera to try and get better pictures thanks to you, keep up the great work!!!

  19. I love your blog and loved your video. Even though I'm not a mom, I so appreciate all that you do to share what you love and what you know to be true with the world. You inspire me. Thank you.

  20. I've been reading your blog for a while now, so it was fun to actually get to hear your voice. Thanks for your great example of love and happiness in motherhood. Don't you think motherhood is just the perfect platform to share the gospel? When people see moms like you in action, they have to wonder what is making your life so wonderful! I know you have problems just like everyone else, but there's a peace that comes from knowing Jesus Christ. Thanks for sharing a little slice of your world.

  21. Shawni, this is wonderful, thanks for sharing! You are so articulate and the love for your family is really what came through for me. Awesome!

    p.s. WHERE the heck did you find the black paper organizational thingy on the wall (in your kitchen). I'm in desperate need of something like that to marshall the mounds of papers around here!

  22. Yay! This is beautiful. It touched my heart, just as your blog consistently does. You should be very happy with it. This will be a treasure for your family for years to come.

  23. You are amazing!! I loved your little video! Your blog is one of my favorites because I feel like it's just so real. How fun for your family to get to do that

  24. I am a relatively new reader to your blog and I love it! I love your profile on too! You did a beautiful job and truly, you are an inspiration!

    ps. my mother was a missionary under your parents for the last few months of her mission! Crazy how small the world is!

  25. I saw your video, because I'm always so excited to peek at the new videos. I really admire your photography. I love how bright you can make all your moments look in a picture- what a great way to catch the 'light' of life.

    Out of curiosity-why 71 and not 70?

    Take care!!

    Thank you for sharing your life!


  26. I'm so happy you shared that with us! I have been reading your blog for over a year, so I feel like I know you πŸ™‚ But this video was so fun to hear your voice, etc. Thank you for sharing much of your life with this world; I know I am blessed by it!

  27. What a beautiful video, thank you so much for being willing to share yourself with others. I look forward to checking out more of your blog, I love inspirational blogs by fellow LDS moms!!

  28. Shawni-

    I have no idea why you were worried about not being able to present yourself on camera because you were fantastic! I loved watching and re-watching the video. You looked very natural and poised. Great job.

  29. I love your video! I have been wanting to post for awhile now about how much I love your blog. There are many blog that I read that leave me feeling so inadequate as a mother and wife and person. Then…I read yours and I have to tell you I fell uplifted, filled and happy! I think your humble example of mothering, being a wife, enjoying the world and also showing color and the joy it can bring to your day are the reasons I love to read 71 toes. I have been reading your book also and it is wonderful!!!! Thanks so much you have affected me for the better! Also I just read this and thought it was interesting some parts I agree and some I don't but an interesting read about mormon blogs non the less! Happy new year and keep bloggin it makes my day when you do!!

  30. I've been following your blog for about a year and it has changed my life. When I read you love to travel, slam doors when your mad, suffer from IWAN, and you are fiercely devoted to motherhood, I knew I had a friend. This video is so awesome and telling. Thanks for the time you take to blog and share. So inspiring.

  31. I love the video!!

    I'm just learning to take photographs with my little point and shoot camera. I'm glad to hear that your (or at least a few) of your kids like being photographed.

    You are so honest and real and that is refreshing to see in this day and age. You keep it real and I like that about your blog.

    Please keep it up.

  32. Your "schpeal" was wonderful!! I think so many of us love your blog because you aren't afraid to admit that you aren't perfect – none of us are! However, when we can share our crises and dramas we all feel better! I saw you and your Mom in Las Vegas at TOFW and consider myself blessed – thank you for your words of wisdom, organizational tips, and your humor!

  33. Shawni, you are a fine example to every one. Regardless of how many children we have or don't have. Regardless of where we live. Regardles of our religion. Regardless of our economics. Regardless of our story. You are simply a fine example to every one of how to live a life with your eyes and arms wide open to receive the joy that awaits. For that, I thank you.

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