I sent FOUR little children off to school today.

Ok, I take that back…I sent one large child to JR. HIGH (no eigth-graders were going to pick on that tall kid…I hope) and three medium-sized girls to elementary school. And I had to remind them for the bazillionth time that yes, they’re growing, but they’ll always be my babies whether they like it or not.

After a few days of “meet-the-teachers” and filling out paper work and loading up on school supplies, they headed out with their backpacks and sack lunches strapped on. Three of them had gigantic smiles stretched across their faces. Elle had just a medium-sized smile…a little worried about the big sixth grade.

Here’s tough-guy Jr. High:
Honestly, he was so excited. Not an ounce of nervousness in this usually kinda shy boy. Nope. He was so ready. Especially since he was armed with one of his very best friends:These two have been in every single class together from Kindergarten to sixth grade (their moms crack up at the height difference…especially since Max is six months younger). This year they only have one of their seven classes together. Sad times. But they don’t seem to mind.

Then on to the girls:
You see, those are real smiles on Grace and Claire. Elle’s is a really good fake one. But she did great despite the worry.
They came home with beet-red faces from the heat…and big smiles again ready for their first-day-of-school-cookies.
This time Elle’s smile was for real.

Lu and I joined some friends for lunch, and got a million odds and ends done here on the home front.

I wasn’t sad until right now. It just hit me. New schedules are always good, but I’m not quite ready for the summer freedom to end. I’m not ready to face reality of more doctors and evaluations and therapists…and worry. Everything has been on hold all summer and I’ve been eating it up.

I’m not ready for carpools and homework. And I just spent an hour filling out all the Jr. High forms that sign away that your child won’t use obscene language or do graffiti or make gang signs. In Jr. High? Really?? Man, I am so sheltered. And so is my boy. Do I really have to let him go?

Like it or not, I better brace myself.

Summer, we will miss you! Thanks for treating us so well.

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  1. they all look so cute. summers couldn't be more LAME for the benintendi family. so when school starts i feel the joy of not having to deal with trying to figure out what to do to entertain the little people. someday i want to have good vacations and memories just like you. 🙂

  2. your kids are darling. i instantly got that nervous stomach looking at your pictures, reading your post, realizing school is just around the corner for us. i have a kindergartner who will be starting this year, and as excited that i am to watch her in her first year of school, to see the little girl she has become, i am so stink'n nervous and (a little) sad. wow. such mixed feelings.
    anyhoo, great pictures, darling family. i am off to read the previous post :O) looked like tons of fun.

  3. We just played hookie for a long weekend to La Jolla. And school started for us 2 weeks ago! Your kids are adorable. I am sure you missed them. Thanks for the sneak peak of your kitchen makeover. I am planning one of my own (the paint variety) and it looks amazing. Can't wait to see more!

  4. Can I just say I love your blog?! I have always loved your mom's books and her stories about all of you growing up and now I love reading about your family and the outlook you have on life. My cousin (Adelia Brown) sent me an email about your book when it came out and it had your blog address in it and I've been hooked since. Thank you for your enthusiasm for motherhood. It is an inspiration to me…

    Just curious – How is Lucy doing lately?

  5. Hi…not sure how I found your blog, but I love it! Anyway, I send my first to Kindergarten this year and it's killing me…sad? You bet! Cried at orientation? Yep, you guessed right again. Yes. I'm a mess, but seeing your beautiful kids all full of smiles heading out gives me hope. Now if I can only let go a little more and let him ride the bus…arggghhh.

  6. Oh man we miss these adorable kids! So great to see them all ready for that first day of school. What you don't mention is all that good stuff that goes on BEFORE they leave for school, which as fun as it is, is also stressful (practicing,eating, scripture reading, lunch making, hair doing). It so hard but…hard is good!

  7. I have to ask again about the jewelry! I am so impressed, first of all, that your girls always seem to be wearing it, and then just how perfect it always seems to be! I still wonder if it is handmade or where I can get my hands on a similar one (or two or three…)

    Good luck with all that comes with yet another 'normal' routine…we start ours next week!


  8. I really can't believe you guys have already started school! We don't start till Sept. 8th. I am already getting sad to go back and I have all the same feelings as you! Your Aspen trip looked fun too! How great that all of you guys were out there. I am feeling the same way about having older kids..I am sending one to High School this year and it's freaking me out! He just started High School football! Time is going way too fast!

  9. It was fun to see your Aspen Grove pics! I was excited to see my neices in some of them too…they were up there at the same time as you guys I guess! (Trent's brother's family) Glad you had fun!

  10. I am so sad to send my kids off to school, too. Your kids are adorable, thanks for sharing them with the world. My family blog is private, but I wish is weren't. Your kitchen is exactly what I have in mind for mine that we are building but the builders keep saying white cabinets are so out of style–what are they thinking??? I'd love a pull back shot if you feel like meeting my needs. The countertops look like the color I want, too.

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