My friends and I sat in the audience of Time Out for Women a few weeks ago, bathed in the goodness those speakers were spreading out.

And I had a weird moment of wonder remembering how years ago my mom and I were on that stage spilling out our guts.

My mom more than me:

Ha! She is the best speaker.

I did my part as well…apparently getting some good support from my giant belt buckle:). I think my mom’s buckle was giving her power as well:)

Remember this was back in 2010. Yow those twelve years sure slipped by in a blink!

Those were the days!

Oh man, I sat in that audience and had this wave of emotion wash over me of pure gratitude for that time.

For that time I got to stretch and grow in so many different ways.

And to be with my amazing mother.

(We did this TOFW thing following publishing our book, A Mother’s Book of Secrets.)

(You can still purchase that book HERE if you’re interested.)

Looking back I have NO IDEA how we did that for two years. (I think just four or five events each year, but still…) Lots of little kids at home, still dealing with Lucy’s recent diagnosis (wrote my feelings about the first year anniversary of that news back HERE), trying to manage a large calling at church, trying to find balance (that seems to be a recurring goal of mine, and I know I’m not alone in that!).

It was such an incredibly different time than the time I’m immersed in right now.

But isn’t it interesting that both times, and ALL times, when we are presented with an opportunity to take a step away from whatever hoopla we’re involved in at the moment, and feel a more tangible connection with God, we come out renewed. Especially when we’re really seeking for that connection (“you’ll find what you’re looking for”).

Oh how I need that connection more than ever these days!

So I was so grateful to feel more powerfully that connection from Above, as well as from these women right here:

Such good friends I attended with as well as Brooke Romney (who used to live in Arizona near me), and Emily Freeman (who was a speaker way back when my mother and I were speakers too). Loved to hear their words of wisdom from the stage as well as from our little walk to ice cream.

Life is good in every stage, especially when we take still moments to let God into the midst of it all.

So working on that right now!

Happy Monday everyone!

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