I have been thinking about “shifting Mother’s Days” ever since Mother’s Day came around a couple weeks ago.

Mother’s Days sure aren’t like they used to be!

Each year there are less and less kids home.

Each year we are more and more spread out.

My prized annual Mother’s Day hikes have faded away:

Girls sitting overlooking the valley on a Mother's Day hike

Now we opt for tandem biking since hiking is pretty tricky for Lucy these days.

But you know what? Tandem biking is the bomb I tell you!

No more painted handprints.

Max's handprint painted on a plaque

Instead I get things like thoughtful videos or the nicest collection of love written from all my friends (who happen to be my children), and collected by one of my daughters to be sent to me with all her kindness.

Isn’t so much of Motherhood that we “find what we’re looking for?”

Maybe in my “old age” I have learned that the simple things are the real gems. The small acts of kindness. The things you notice when you slow down. The relationships that are worth fighting for.

I’m here to say that even though Mother’s Day, just like motherhood in general, keeps heaving and shifting and being “made new,” it’s a pretty fun ride.

And really it keeps getting better.

I mean, I can’t think of a better gift than this:

See my dear mother up there? She’s the one who paves the way for motherhood for me.


(I forgot to take a screenshot when I got to talk to Elle and Carson, but they were there, deep into their first externship month in L.A…and Abby & Murphy were on here with Max below before I took that one…)

And I can’t think of anything better than this either:

Shawni reading with Lucy

Motherhood is grand.

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  1. My daughter& family just moved across the state and I’m really struggling. I always imagined my grandchildren coming over as their parents go on a date, or sleepovers and I’m so sad. How do you do it?

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