I’m going to start having a “Star of the Week” around here. My kids are so darn enamored by it at school I decided what the heck, I should instigate it here at home too. Man, sometimes I feel so empowered by the things I can do as the mother…in my position I can pretty much do anything I want! Well…except for the things Dave vetoes by rolling his eyes at…like singing hymns together in the mornings before we read our scriptures. But I’m still working on that one…we still sneak it in while he’s out of town.

Let’s keep that one just between us though…

Anyway, I’m thinking someone needs a little extra lovin’ this week. So here’s our first star:Name: Grace Anne (named after her amazing grandmother Annie and because Dave loved the name Grace)

Nickname: Jam. Dave started calling her “Gracie Grace and the Grace Jam” when she was a baby and Jam just stuck.

Grade: 2nd

Best Feature: smile for sure…I’ve never seen a more sparkly smile…even when it looks like Nanny McPhee with one big ol’ tooth sticking out.…on the teeth note, I must also give Gracie kudos for being so patient as she has waited for the tooth fairy excessive amounts of days in a row lately (we have a super duper lazy tooth fairy). She’s had teeth falling out of her head on a continual basis this year and she has become quite rich since the tooth fairy has tried to compensate for her laziness by giving her stacks of coins when she finally remembers to come. (Max has pointed out that it’s pretty uncanny how the appearance of these stacks of coins left neatly under Graces pillow seem to coincide quite nicely with the waxing and waning of the stacks of coins he sees in his Dad’s closet…)

Lessons she’s taking this year: piano, tennis

Biggest problem right now: insomnia. She seriously can’t sleep very well at night. This sadly means her dad and I don’t get to sleep a whole lot either. I’ve got to add that to my list of doctor things to look up…

What she wants to be when she grows up: a teacher and a Mom

Favorite thing to do in school: reading

Talent: keeping up on school work. every night she’s right there sticking something to sign or flash cards to quiz her on right under our noses. She’s always on top of what she needs to be doing, keeping track of reading minutes, etc.

Now, I don’t know how most kids are, but Max and Elle have to be reminded of things like this. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great students, but I’ve never seen the likes of Grace before.

Let’s take, for instance, her report on a historical figure she had to do recently. Well, the first instant she got home from school on the day it was assigned she was on me like a bee on honey to get googling stuff up with her. We looked it all up and read about some intresting stuff King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella did and she was off.

I mean, I think she was given like two or three weeks to work on it for pete’s sake, but she wasn’t about to let any grass grow under her feet. She was on it.

Most moms would go out and buy a posterboard for their daughter. They’d help her print out pictures from the internet. Help her print neatly with a pencil and then trace over it with a marker.

Well, not this mom. Grace was done before I could even bat an eye.

Why wait for a poster board when you can make your own?

Oh, and she wasn’t about to wait for me to take her to the store to buy Valentines either. Nope. She knew we had some left over Jolly Ranchers from Claire’s party (thanks Nichole), so within minutes after she got home with her Valentines list she had these done lickety split.(She did, however, get pretty excited about the ones in the store too when we went to get them for the other kids so now she has two sets of Valentines…but that’s great because hey, Gracie’s got a LOT of love to share.)

How many kids she wants to have some day: 7 or 6

Favorite color: turquoise

Favorite thing to do when she has free time: rollerblade around the house or color
I think her smile will be back to normal again after she gets real teeth in there…for now the smile is always accompanied by the tongue.

One more thing she’s really good at: she is an amazing big sister. She’s always stooping down get on her little sisters’ eye-levels to tell them something or put her arm around them, always trying to match clothes to Claire, always wanting to read Lu and Claire stories (with a bunch of enthusiasm in her voice), and she’s just generally really conscientious of them. I love that.

Man I love you Gracie!!

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  1. Man do we love that Gracie too. She is such a delightful girl, so warm and friendly with so much personality. Give her a kiss from us and tell her there are more coming next week.

  2. I love Gracie too. She always is so happy each morning when they are here to pick up Makenna. I make sure I have special Grace snacks for her. Love your huge SMILE Gracie!!!!!

  3. Where do I even begin?!! I LOVE everything about this post. The girl, the photos, the answers, the explanation, the ideas, EVERYTHING!! We did “superstar of the week” at our house last year, but I never thought of putting it on the blog. What great things to document and share. We love you Grace! Can she come play with Ella sometime next week?

  4. We all love Grace around here! She is always the one Caroline wants to play with. They have been working on a “dance” the last few months. We need to have them perform for all of us!

  5. I love Gracie! Especially her smile! I have trouble sleeping too, she can call me in the middle of the night and we can talk! I am so excited to know all the fun things that make Gracie so special! What a great mom you are!

  6. I just knew when she plastered you with “spit up” that there was something special inside that little girl! She is dynamite. You gotta love that great little go-getter!

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