You gotta love trampolines.


  1. That is the strangest thing. Ours totally does not do that, but, I wonder if it is because we do not have springs? Maybe it is the metal? I just get the biggest kick out of seeing all the kids that have this happen to them since we are the only ones with the tram like ours!!!

  2. When I was younger, my older sister had beautiful long hair. We would get in the car I my mother would always say "Don't touch Emilee, she has static electricity." I didn't know what "static electricity was, but I wanted it bad. I was just sure it was like wearing a crown. Now I have 2 daughters and static electricity is the enemy:)

  3. Shawnie, I am certain that you have heard this a million times in the four years that your blog has been up, but thank you. I live in Denver and was watching the "mormon movies" as my two-year old says last week, and came across yours. My little girls and I have spent a week looking at beautiful pictures and reading wonderful experiences. Your blog has beat out Webkins for their ten minutes of computer time. I would deem that amazing! Thank you for inspiring me to be even more to my family. I, too, love Julie C. and her words of inspiration as well. I can see you have perfect taste in cyber friends as well. We are also praying for Lucy to keep her health and eyesight to experience the beauty that you bring home to your family. Thanks again. ~Laura

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