We like our dog.  Have I mentioned that?  Sure, she is still pretty naughty sometimes, but she’s also kind of endearing.

Claire sure has fun with her.  Here’s a “draft” of some tricks:

…and here’s a perfected “show:”

Ha!  I think she needs to join the circus with that skill 🙂

Since so many families are into the thick of summertime, I meant to post some summer ideas first thing this morning.  And here I am at 4 in the afternoon.  Dang. 

But I wanted to just praise “summer goals” for a second.  I’m so grateful my parents worked with us to create our own unique goals in the summertime growing up for so many years, and that we’re passing them on to the next generation. Those goals have been hard won in our family this year for some reason…it’s been hard to nail down the details on all those thoughts.  But this week all the checklists have been hanging proudly on the wall, getting gradually filled in, and it feels so good to have some good productivity going on. 

Much more about Summer Goals over HERE (and lots of other posts probably linked at the bottom of that one), but I also wanted to post some very well laid-out planning helps my sister Saren has made available…do-it-yourself summer camp.  Those ideas are HERE.

Thank you again for all the good input yesterday about social media.  One reader asked if she could share those notes I shared.  My answer is yes, share away!  This is something that needs to be thought about and dissected and discussed.  It is here to stay, and it’s so great to get a good handle on how it affects us and our families.  Let’s keep conversations going so we can keep taking action to figure out what works for our families. 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Talk about synchronicity…..the website Frugalwoods just posted a reader case study on 6/13 about a family run DOG CIRCUS!!! Here's the link to the financial case study: http://www.frugalwoods.com/2018/06/13/reader-case-study-inside-a-financial-circus-no-really-the-finances-of-an-actual-circus/

    And here's a link to the Circus Stella website: http://circusstella.com/

    Maybe Claire needs to run away from home and join the circus!! Or Shawni needs to learn aerial ropes ?! (Totally kidding BTW)

  2. So cute! In high school my good friend taught her dog to "do a lap" for a treat… she did a lap all around her house (circular area) and came back… it was the coolest… a suggestion for the next Bo & Claire show! Can't wait!

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