We like our dog.  Have I mentioned that?  Sure, she is still pretty naughty sometimes, but she’s also kind of endearing.

Claire sure has fun with her.  Here’s a “draft” of some tricks:

…and here’s a perfected “show:”

Ha!  I think she needs to join the circus with that skill 🙂

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  1. Talk about synchronicity…..the website Frugalwoods just posted a reader case study on 6/13 about a family run DOG CIRCUS!!! Here's the link to the financial case study: http://www.frugalwoods.com/2018/06/13/reader-case-study-inside-a-financial-circus-no-really-the-finances-of-an-actual-circus/

    And here's a link to the Circus Stella website: http://circusstella.com/

    Maybe Claire needs to run away from home and join the circus!! Or Shawni needs to learn aerial ropes ?! (Totally kidding BTW)

  2. So cute! In high school my good friend taught her dog to "do a lap" for a treat… she did a lap all around her house (circular area) and came back… it was the coolest… a suggestion for the next Bo & Claire show! Can't wait!

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