So weird I had another birthday last week.

How does this keep happening!?

Each year on my birthday I get a little overcome with the beauty of love and feeling connected. I feel so grateful for the people in my life.

I got to hike with these ladies in preparation for the big day:

These two neighbors did their traditional bday heart-attack:)

Then the morning of, we had complications with getting our podcast to post, ha! But GOT IT!

Dave took me on a little date into the “big city” to get my favorite Thai salad for lunch:

We invited Jo & fam and Josh to join us to visit my friends at La Mesa Ministry so we could help feed the homeless (I’ve decided doing as much reaching out on my birthday is the best way to go and this was so perfect, I love those people there so much!):

Loved sharing those new friends with these people I love:

We decided on a whim we should just go to Organ Stop pizza for dinner. It was the last thing I would ever normally chose to do, but I had never been there and Jo & Aja family had stars in their eyes about that place from going the week before so we went. And it was pretty fun and funny.

Perhaps my very favorite thing?

My far-away-kids set up a FaceTime call and it was the sweetest gift ever to see their smiling faces all together on the screen telling me what they love about me. They are golden and I adore them more than I can say.

Home for cake and ice cream with Lu, Dave and the brothers and I just love them all so much!

And late-night unwrapping of more gifts with the other two musketeers:

Yes, so many gifts of love.

And I’m so grateful for the gift to reach out as well as to reach in on my birthday.

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  1. My life is better knowing that there’s a place where you can eat pizza with love organ music in the background. Happy birthday!!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Shawni. I’m so glad that you had a great day. x 🎉🍰🎁🎂🥳

    I think it’s lovely that you chose to help others on your birthday. This was such a kind thing to do. x

    Just curious, are most of your neighbours LDS? It’s just that the heart thing would never happen here in the UK. I hardly know my neighbours at all, as we’re very private people.

  3. Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing so many things on your blog that have inspired me and blessed my family. <3

    1. Hi Shawni, I’ll be in Phoenix for a soccer tournament in a few weeks (bell bank park) and love Thai food. Would you share the restaurant where you got your salad from? Also, any recommendations for a team lunch/dinner where I can make a reservation? Thank you!

  4. Happy Birthday Mrs. Pothier! The world is better with you in it! May God continually bless your beautiful heart! 💛🌻

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