Let’s go back to April.

It started out with General Conference for our church…a weekend I adore, mixed in with a brunch with neighbors, a mission report from Grace for other neighbors:

…and a mission report to extended family as well:

I wrote all about that weekend (and my favorite talks) back HERE.

Dave’s friend came to visit…who is also my friend:)

I got to help a friend, along with other friends, with a big move:

Lu bit the bullet and agreed to another day at the Foundation for Blind Children:

I got to help a friend celebrate her birthday at a new beautiful desert arboretum she introduced me to:

My sisters and I started working in earnest on our little idea to start a sister’s podcast back HERE…my sister’s post on Instagram about it:

(planning to launch that sucker later this month)

My brother who lives in Switzerland visited Miami:


We had our Relief Society presidency meeting in the car following a funeral we went to together (a celebration of a woman who lived a beautiful life):

I sure love those ladies!

I don’t know where this is from but I had a screenshot of it…and I like it:

We finally took down the “howdy y’all” banner we made for Grace when she got home…

(and of course, had to take a picture;)

Love any connection we can get with our married kids…

I took some pictures for my friend’s daughter who got home shortly after Grace did:

There’s nothing like a mission reunion I tell you.

This girl did such a great job with a similar “covid mission reassignment” in Texas like Grace’s:

Bo Jangles tangible excitement when we tell her we’re going to take her on walks…see her peeking out there below:

Friends in town for a visit and dinner:

Grace did a lot of babysitting while she was home to earn a little extra money before leaving for summer semester. This was one of the darling families she took care of…and they joined us for Family Testimony Meeting that Sunday:

Dave got to hang with these guys since he was in town for work:

(They were making me jealous with their sushi:)


We took these post-missionaries out to lunch to hear more details of their Texas missions:

Lu got to go to the temple with friends:


Not sure why I took this, but hey, sisters. And any time sisters are together these days I want to capture it:

We did an Easter service project with our church congregation, making Easter baskets for foster children.

It was quite an undertaking but we were grateful for the opportunity.

We also got to go with our neighbors to the Easter pageant:

(Yes, a little height difference there!! Ha! Love our neighbors!)

Talked Lu into another visit to Foundation for Blind Children for an “beeping” Easter egg hunt.

It was some tricky business, but we made it, and each step helps Lucy so much!

(All that jazz along with a few other things leading up to Easter back HERE.)

Then it was Easter.

It was a kind of crazy one. I wrote all about why over HERE. But sure loved gathering with all this family:

And this family too.

We got to work out with our girls…Grace almost every day when she was home and Claire just a couple:

I love that so much.

Birthday breakfast for people having bdays with these lovely ladies from church:

Elle and Carson celebrated their anniversary. TWO YEARS!

Two years since THIS awesome day.

They chose a pretty awesome city to celebrate in, and got to stay with some pretty cool people:

(My two brothers and their families.)

Dave’s sister came to town.

I mention this every time, but she always brings a party right along with her.

We have all kinds of gatherings when Julie’s in town.

I talked all about that back HERE.

Lu and I happened to show up together in matching shirts one day:

Lots of college class signing up:

We went to lunch with some friends…this other girl just got back from her mission as well:

Claire got her patriarchal blessing (Lu got hers the month before):

They were pretty incredible. Lucy’s is HERE, Claire’s is HERE.

Lucy is working on being independent. She has all kinds of plans for that, including learning to make her favorite dinners.

Here she is learning to make honey lime enchiladas:

Go Lu!


The beginning of all the grad hoopla…and more college class finagling:

A ceremony to mark the end of the club season with Claire’s club volleyball:

We sure LOVE these girls…and this awesome coach:

Lake with cousins:

The first game of powderpuff:

I can’t remember why we took the first picture below but on the right is my dear friend Claudia I finally got to reunite with:

Then it was off to a jumble of stuff stuffed into one weekend:

MCO concert practice I volunteered to help:

Snuck off in the middle of that five hour practice to snap away for Claire’s graduation pictures:

Nationals. The big finale of Claire’s volleyball career started the next day:

What we thought was the very end of her volleyball career.

Wrote about that back HERE.

Claire breathed a huge sigh of relief that they got done with their games in the nick of time so she could get all dolled up and headed out to prom.

(All about prom back HERE.)

Then it was on to Lucy’s grand MCO concert:

Two different nights of that amazingness:

Reunions with old friends at a wedding reception that night:

Changing at stoplights en route to Claire’s very last games:


A bitter-sweet end to club:

The last huddle:

Then straight to the airport for the long journey to Wisconsin for dr. apts…this was in our hotel room when Lu and I finally got there:

This doctor is a hero for every BBS kid:


Thoughts from my book club book:

Lucy and how she manages to learn piano is incredible:

And we rounded off the month with a VERY excited girl with her excited parents heading off to visit her mission stomping grounds in Austin:

Grace’s fav. person: her mission president:

While we were there we were so thankful for FaceTime so we could see Claire as she headed off to one extra bonus prom:

You can read about Claire’s other prom HERE, and all about our tour of Grace’s awesome Austin mission HERE.

And PHEW!! Congrats if you made it this far. That’s a wrap of April!

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  1. Way to go Lucy!!! Wow, so awesome to be building those skill sin the kitchen. What a driven person!

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