Before school started, I took these girls to go check out their new freshman domain:2012-08-07 iPhone 59639So nervous with a twinge of excitement.

Lunch date with my teenagers:2012-08-07 iPhone 59640
A cloud that looked like a Yankee Doodle profile:
2012-08-07 iPhone 59641
The first day…Lucy was obsessed with the new sunglasses my mom bought her while we were in India:
2012-08-08 iPhone 59643
…but she switched to her other glasses for school.
2012-08-08 iPhone 59647She’s getting better and better at wearing those things.

Claire and some friends on the first day:2012-08-08 iPhone 59644
Elle’s photo:
2012-08-08 iPhone 59651
This was the coolest day on the first week of school…and I think it was still pretty early in the morning…I think the first three days were 115 degrees.
2012-08-08 iPhone 59652
Trips and trips for school supplies:
2012-08-08 iPhone 59655…man alive, five kids need a lot of school stuff!  And they do not tell their mother about every item they need on the first school supply run.  They like to string it out all week.

On the second day Lu started the bus routine:2012-08-09 iPhone 596572012-08-09 iPhone 59658

…and came home after falling asleep on that thing.  Then promptly fell asleep on the counter:2012-08-09 endofsummer 59392I chalked it up to two full days of school tuckering her out…

…until I took her temperature:2012-08-10 iPhone 59669(The thermometer was a little off…she wasn’t THAT hot, but had a pretty good fever, poor girl.)

So she missed the first Friday of school and recuperated over the weekend.

Claire was all smiles though.2012-08-09 endofsummer 59395
Third grade is treating her right so far.
2012-08-09 iPhone 59660
Tennis excitement:
2012-08-09 iPhone 59666
Claire adores babies.  Especially the new one around the corner.

When there’s only one boy in the family, Saturdays can be rough.
2012-08-11 iPhone 59674
But the girls work hard too:
2012-08-11 iPhone 59679Yes I know they should switch every now and again, but Dave and Max have serious bonding time outside, and Max still does his inside jobs too.  We had a major closet-clean-out in our house last week…more on that later.

Elle’s birthday lunch:2012-08-11 iPhone 596852012-08-12 iPhone 596892012-08-13 iPhone 59687
Elle’s post-braces retainer appointment:
2012-08-13 iPhone 59692
Great orthodontists:
2012-08-14 iPhone 59695
Lucy moved up a level in her swim class:
2012-08-16 iPhone 59699
I am working on some healthy dinners:
2012-08-16 iPhone 59703
I think that’s a piece of chocolate in Elle’s hand though…

Lucy is in a puzzle phase:2012-08-17 iPhone 59704
From Elle:

(or “Elle The Awesome” as she saved her contact in my phone)
2012-08-17 iPhone 59706
Lunch with my Kindergartener:
2012-08-20 iPhone 59711(and the necklace we made together that she insists on wearing every day.)

Pinterest-inspired hairstyles:2012-08-21 iPhone 59713
A date my teenagers sweet-talked me into:
2012-08-21 iPhone 59721
One of Grace’s creations in my hair while I read to her at night:
2012-08-21 iPhone 59723
Serious rain:
2012-08-22 iPhone 59725
One of the weekly things we’re working on for FHE:
2012-08-22 iPhone 59726
The flowers I bought at the grocery store for Dave to give to me…sometimes I like to help him out:)
2012-08-22 iPhone 59727
(Even though he actually doesn’t do a shabby job at that himself.)

Claire walking the kindergarteners home from the bus…she is SO delighted when she gets to do this, and so are they.
2012-08-22 iPhone 59728
Max is so much taller than I am.
2012-08-22 iPhone 59731I know part of it is the hair:)…but he’s got me by a long shot.

Love this Grace:2012-08-24 iPhone 597332012-08-24 iPhone 59734
First stake Activity Day for Claire, last one for Grace:
2012-08-25 iPhone 59742
Elle and her friends taught the dance at the activity again:
2012-08-25 iPhone 59745
(Third year in a row…they love it.)

Max did yard work with Papa who was in town:2012-08-25 iPhone 59758Yeah, it was HOT.

Dave and I went to the back-to-school night at the high school and got to go to each of Max and Elle’s classes…and bring home LOTS of information:2012-08-25 iPhone 59760
Elle was amused that they handed these out at EFY:
2012-08-25 iPhone 59769Funny.

Max and friends at Sun Splash:2012-08-25 iPhone 59770
I don’t know who took this…but it’s the Sunday dinner table half-way set.
2012-08-26 iPhone 59772…with our special new tablecloth from India.

Lunch date with Claire:2012-08-27 iPhone 59774
FHE at our new neighbors’ house:
2012-08-27 iPhone 597792012-08-27 iPhone 597802012-08-27 iPhone 597942012-08-27 iPhone 597982012-08-27 iPhone 59803

There you go…a couple months caught by a phone.  Technology is awesome…even if the pictures are a little blurry 🙂

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  1. Love this, love it all! You inspire me (as always!) I AM going to take more pics!

    Ps. I just wanted to say about the school clothes issue, your response was so beautiful. I even talked about you in my RS lesson. Thanks for being you.

  2. ok, I have been inspired to take more fun photos with my kids.
    The flowers purchased by you from Dave totally fits my family. I do the same for my husband.

    I loved the card too.
    Great post and awesome pool.

  3. oh my goodness, so much fun! my daughter wore the same hot pink with mini white polka dot shirt to the first day of school (my blog post today where i'm linking to your last friday post about mothering as your job as i say how hard it is to send my kids off to school but i know its best for them) wow that was a long parenthesis. i can't wait to see pics of your house…phone pics even? it's fun i saw a bunch of this on your IG…and i love that you help your husband out by buying yourself flowers;) oh, and that card is AWESOME!

  4. Love this!!! i am so glad you posted about the flowers, i but my own too, and usually do it ( and be mad inside, that i had to buy myself flowers), now i will think of it the way you do !hahahahah

    Can u tell me where you bought Claires red shirt ( with the pic of her and grace)

    lastly, HELLO new neighbours pool!! how amazing… and on that note, can we have a new house update!!!

  5. The missionaries in my ward gave me that same card… I laughed and then proceeded to tell them all that I know about you. It was too funny! Love all the pictures and how they show how much your kids love each other and you.

  6. Have to laugh about the card, since our family went to the Portland Temple Visitors Center for FHE this week where we watched (among other things) your video! And my kids thought it was awesome that I read your blog…

  7. I just love this blog so much. I'm a young mom and feel pretty overwhelmed/clueless/frustrated with my two little ones much of the time. My husband just started med school, which means lots of mommy+kids time and many days I see that motherhood doesn't come very naturally to me. I'm thankful to have blogs like this to learn so much from! I think your family is adorable! Also, I'm really excited to check out your mom's books!

  8. Alright, what are you cooking there? Looks delicious! I'm hoping for another "This are some of our favorite meals" post again someday. (I made a couple of meals that you posted about a while back and they were hits in my home! Thanks for the inspiration!) 🙂

  9. I know you posted this a few months ago, but I am curious about how you like Aqua Tots. Is it worth the $$? I have a 5-year-old boy that is currently in gymnastics, but have been thinking about putting him in swimming instead. Thanks!

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