…as captured almost entirely by my two photography daughters, Elle and Grace.
…Who have pretty much taken over my camera.
…Which I’m glad about sometimes and mad about others 🙂
Since Thanksgiving in this week (how in Heaven’s name is that even possible it’s here so fast?!) I am going to dedicate these next few days to some of the things I’m grateful for.  
Because boy howdy I’m grateful for a lot.  And I’m a big, huge believer in the fact that gratitude equals happiness.
One of the biggest “gratefuls” is the beauty of this gorgeous world we live in…and these pictures show a lot of that.  
Here you go…I’ll let the pictures tell the story, with only a few interruptions of things I’m grateful for in between.

I’m grateful these girls like to take pictures.  I love the things they come up with to capture.

I’m grateful for these good men who aren’t afraid to cook in the kitchen.

 …and for the amazing Japanese curry they made that night.

Are horses not the most gorgeous creatures on the planet?

I’m grateful that despite the fact we don’t live in an area that boasts a big Fall leaf extravaganza, I was able to quench my thirst for that beauty in three different places this fall.  Up at the ranch as well as back HERE and also HERE

 So grateful for good friends.

 …and cool things you can do with your hair.

I’m grateful my baby could get to be in complete delight over a horse-ride.

 …and for sisters who love each other.

Pure beauty sent from Heaven.

I’m grateful for jumping pictures and funny results…and sisters again.

For a husband who makes us laugh.

…For good friends for my only boy.

 I’m grateful for good influences.

…and for dear friends who inspire us and also make trips like this possible.

My heart is full.

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