I posted that Lucy’s basketball season was all wrapped up back HERE.

But that actually wasn’t true because a sports season is never really wrapped up until the final banquet, right?

So let’s just enjoy these sweet pictures my friend sent me from that big night.

Sweetest friends.

Sweetest coach.

That woman is the real deal I tell you.

Isn’t it amazing how one person and one idea can change the trajectory for someone who just so needs a boost?

More about how this happy basketball season came to be back HERE.

Grateful with all my heart.

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  1. Lovely pix.

    Just curious, why is it in US schools that a season doesn’t cover the start of the school year until the end of the following year?

    Is this the norm in US schools?

    I’m sure that in UK schools it would start in September & finish before they break up in July.

    I don’t mean this as a criticism, I’m just curious.

    1. In the US, both in school and professionally, sports almost always have a “season”. Professional baseball starts in the spring and ends in October, professional football starts in the fall and ends in February. Similarly, school sports usually have a season as well.

      I went to high school in California and we had fall, winter, and spring sports. This allows different sports to rotate using school facilities like the gym (basketball and volleyball) and football field (football, soccer, and track & field) without interfering with each other. It also allows students to play multiple sports in a year, like football in the fall and baseball or track in the spring. Often there are so many weekly practices for each sport that students wouldn’t be able to juggle two sports at once.

      It also helps students juggle non-sports as well — in high school I was able to be in the marching band in the fall, play soccer in the winter, and be in a percussion ensemble in the spring. A friend was a cheerleader for football in the fall and in the school musical in the spring. Students who want to keep playing their preferred sport year-round might join a non-school team after the school season ends, like the club volleyball team Claire joined after her school season ended.

      I don’t know how long it’s been like this, but I can vouch for the last couple of decades at least!

      1. Thank you for explaining this. I understand it more now.

        I hadn’t realised that there were so many things to take part in in US schools.

        I bet they have fun with them.

    2. Thank you for these answers, Liz, couldn’t have said it better myself!
      Love that they can fit in so many things into a school year!

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