This was supposed to post while we were out of town but then we didn’t have internet.  So here you go…
The beginning of May found Lu and I in Wisconsin again.  
We have been traveling to doctors there quite often lately and we are getting that routine down pat.
But we mixed up the routine this time around to make a stop-over in Utah.  There was a post-I Am Mom Summit gathering and Elle was in the process of settling in for her summer job there, and we found that we could easily stop over for a night there.  So we did.
And that Utah springtime did not disappoint!
Gosh all those trees were dressed in such beauty it took my breath away over and over again!
Here’s what we did aside from get carried away in the beauty of blossoms:
Lu got word on the train from the airport that she made it into the school talent show.  (She had had try outs earlier that week.)  This is how she felt about that:
We made a quick stop-by to Elle’s new work:

(She works at a graphic design agency up there and is learning so much!)

I dropped off Lucy with her cousins (and a friend) to work the “snack shack” at their baseball game:

…and I headed up to my parent’s house for an I Am Mom Summit gathering that I was so grateful for the opportunity to attend!

Guys!  There is so much good that these women are doing!  I love that my parents wanted to honor what so many people are doing to spread light about FAMILIES and mothering online.  Loved being in the heart of that kitchen with all that goodness around me, good conversations and people spilling out the good things they’re involved in.

This is the main “team” (along with Jamie’s husband who is so great as well):

(Check out more about I Am Mom Summit on Instagram over HERE, or the event site HERE.)

Lots more good things to come from them.

And if you missed my talk, here’s a little about it back HERE, along with some addendum thoughts about teenagers.

My parents spoke a bit:

As did the founders of I Am Mom…these guys are such a bright young couple working together on such a great project:

Loved that I got to be there with two of my sisters as well as my parents.

Loved meeting everyone and especially seeing my long-lost sort-of-neighbor Brooke Romney (up there on the right) who I think it pretty amazing.  She does these “teen talk Tuesdays” on instagram and also shares so much goodness.  I follow her on Instagram (HERE), but just found her blog which is HERE.

Lu and I slept over at my sister’s house…but before we slept we had a good laugh trying to find ski gear for Elle and Lar the next day:

Yes they went SKIING in MAY!  How phenomenal is that that there is still snow up there in those mountains! (Elle had been looking forward to that for a long, long time!)

Saydi and I hiked through the gorgeous spring green of the lower mountains the next morning:

Gosh, spring takes my breath away.

Literally 🙂

I was huffing and puffing up this mountain that doesn’t look so steep but actually was.

Or maybe I’m a wimp…

The terrain is so different from my desert:

The views!

Doesn’t this little path make you want to just go hang out at the end of it for a while and look over the wide expanse of the valley below?

So we did:

Watched my dad play in a tennis match that afternoon:

Lu had the best time with her cousin Emmeline:
Took in this:
…and this:
Had a quick late lunch with Elle and Lar and Lar’s nephew (post skiing) and my parents and Sayds too:

And stopped to see Elle’s new stomping grounds en route back to the airport:

(That’s my nephew on the right who was visiting…Elle’s living with his girlfriend who is the sweetest, greatest, most hospitable new friend to Elle!)

And that was a wrap of our whirlwind overnight trip to Utah.

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