Let’s talk about Lucy’s experience in NYC this time around. Because NYC with a child with special needs is different from the NYC we’re used to running around in.

First of all, I have to say this girl is a rock star. We had some tricky moments for sure. But for the most part, this girl braved those streets like a champ.

Lucy walking around NYC with her white cane, navigating with special needs

And sometimes those streets aren’t the easiest to maneuver I tell you!

As we go into more unchartered territory with Lucy’s vision loss, I’m always up for tips and tricks from those who are on a similar journey. Please share if you have some. To some it may seem pointless to bring a girl to NYC who cannot see very well. But when one of your best-friend-sisters lives there, along with her husband who is a rockstar himself in Lucy’s eyes (and ours too), it creates a pretty nice avenue to have a little adventure outside of the “known” she is surrounded with at home.

And it’s fun to see her glow with happiness when she gets a new thing she’s done under her belt.

Museum of Natural History

Lucy perked up for sure at the Museum of Natural History. I mean, animals are her favorite, especially the lion.

Lucy with the lion at the Natural History Museum

This comes from her absolute adoration of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the whole series of which we have read multiple times together.

The polar bear there was pretty cool to her as well, since we always call her a “polar bear.” That girl doesn’t really get cold and insists most of the time on wearing shorts in the middle of the winter.

The rest of us loved that place too.

Dave and Elle with huge dinosaur bones

It’s a tried-and-true NYC favorite.

Loved the cool new Gilder Center and basked in that for a while.

The stars and space are so incredible, and I love their exhibit there.

Lu was perhaps mostly excited about the ice cream truck that stood outside the museum when we were done…ha!

Harry Potter Mania

Along with The Chronicles of Narnia, Lucy is an on-and-off huge Harry Potter fan. She has read those books multiple times as well. And as luck would have it, Elle has read them multiple times too. So, since we had our two Harry Potter fans in tow, we decided what better time to see Harry Potter on Broadway.

Dave, Elle, Carson and Lucy at Harry Potter on broadway

But let’s back up, because first we decided we better do the “Harry Potter Experience.”

Harry Potter Experience

Not sure I’d totally recommend this place, but Lucy did really love it so that made it fun.

Then we caught a quick bite to eat after standing in a huge line…

And made it to the show.

Harry Potter on Broadway

See those people of mine down there?

Dave, Elle, and Lucy at Harry Potter on broadway

I love them.

And after the show? Icing on the cake that they gave out free Chip City cookies and Lucy got to meet a couple of the actors.

Jackpot in every way:)

I was told recently by an instagram follower that there are special helps for kids like Lucy at most broadway plays, so we’ll have to look into that for next time. For now we were able to get good seats and she sat by her fellow Harry Potter lover to explain a lot, which made her eyes shine.

NYC bagel hunt

I should have saved Lu and Elle’s “best NYC bagel hunt” for this post too:

(FYI, these pictures are taken on multiple days, but Lucy had fallen in love with a new sweatshirt from Claire and always wants the same hairdo so sometimes it’s hard to tell:)

Lucy loved the sunsets, was such a good sport waiting for restaurants to let us in:

We happened to walk past the spot where John Lennon was killed right on his birthday, and went to Strawberry Field in Central Park to see the gathering singing his songs in his honor:

We did so many other things too…some of which I still need to add into the last post.

But to wrap up this one, there’s nothing like the stars in your daughter’s eyes when she gets to have a new experience.

One of those experiences that is becoming more and more difficult for her to have.

So grateful for this time we got to have together in NYC.

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  1. Absolutely love every picture! And that Lucy is a champion! No one will ever know what it’s like to see the world through her eyes but you have done a magnificent job of letting in as much light as she can hold! Bravo!

  2. When traveling with Lucy, maybe consider seeking out audio soundscape exhibits. Often they are free apps with an audio component that changes as one moves through space. They sometimes have them in public parks and other areas and are very cool. Often artists, video game designers, and environmental/landscape designers, and researchers collaborate to make these cool experiences that can be enjoyed by anyone. Here’s a few in NYC: https://theendoftheday.guide/ and https://urbanomnibus.net/2015/05/tune-in-soundscapes-of-new-york/ and https://theundergroundsoundproject.com/

    Los Angeles and other cities have these too – they are so cool for anyone, whether they are visually impaired or not.

  3. Watch the videos made by Molly Burke, a blind creator and speaker. She has travelled the world using her cane and guide dog. As well as her travels and series she has videos/instagram posts on various aids that she uses personally or are available out in the world. The latest being able to access the entertainment media on a plane. They had accessible controls for the described audio movies. She has designed her own condo to suit her needs with videos outlining how she found her accessible appliances and choices in furnishings. Her new series of “blind leading the blind” had her surfing with a blind surfer Pete Gustin. https://www.youtube.com/@MollyBurkeOfficial/videos

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