My baby brother got married last weekend. We went to Utah for the big bash. It was a chock full weekend. Chock full of commotion, craziness, emotion, coordination and lack thereof, pictures, and pure love. That boy found himself a great wife and they are quite a couple. We were SO glad to be there for the big day, even though on our way to my parent’s house from the airport it looked like this:Are you kidding me? I think it needs to be announced there that it is MAY. It even hailed a little on our drive. I was convinced that Utah was a horrible place until the next day when all the blossoms were popping and it was sunny and gorgeous. Then I wanted to move there. I did a photoshoot while I was there and was very envious of all the flowers…you just don’t see things like this here:Ok, so here are some of my favorite pics from the wedding:
Every little girl in the wedding party wanted to hold Julie’s dress “train.” I’m so glad she didn’t get tripped over with all those girls pulling at her.
I don’t know how it happened, but somehow Max got to the wedding with his hair like this. Well, actually I do know how it happened: a combination of his whining that he didn’t want to cut it and too much going on to actually do the chopping. Rest assured that since this picture his mop has been sufficiently depleted.Gracie’s pure excitement at the event.Claire contemplating her future husband.
Grace and cousin Isaac couldn’t get enough of the dancing at the reception…
…neither could Claire, especially when she got to dance with her Grandfather……or with the groom.Beautiful flowers my cousins put together…they are so darn talented.Other than the wedding I got to go to lunch with my best high school friends. Man I love these girls. We’ve been through so much together. A few had left by the time I got to my camera darn it.
And we got to hold a little family baby shower for my two pregnant cousins. In the middle in the back is the cardboard cutout of my sister who’s on a mission in London. She graced the entire weekend in cardboard form.
We got to go visit Dave’s two sisters and their families who live in Layton, and meet a brand new darling cousin, Lyla. (The b&w photo above is compliments or Elle…she’s getting pretty good!)This is the best picture I got of her gosh darn it. I love how newborns can be totally comfortable all skiwampus and upside down. Although you can’t really see her in this picture, know that she’s gorgeous.To me, there’s not much cuter than four kids pulling suitcases through an airport (too bad the picture’s not great due to the fifth child in my arms while trying to take it). That means we’re going or coming from somewhere. And oh boy do I love to travel!

What a weekend.

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  1. Wow, sounds like you guys really fit a lot into the weekend! Beautiful couple. I love the flowers – that is one thing I am really looking forward to in Ohio. It is really pretty there right now. I am not going to think about the Winter yet! I’ll just have to enjoy the beautiful Spring and Fall.

  2. Oh my gosh Shawni…Congratulations to your brother!! His wife is totally beautiful…I’m so excited for them. SO that picture of Ryan and Dave with Lyla is funny…her head is all tipped backwards ๐Ÿ™‚ And she’s completely out. You gotta come to Chicago in the spring or summer sometime with Dave to see us and his brothers…we would love to take you around. Did you see Maureen while you were there?

  3. And exactly how many days were you there? It seems like you did enough for an entire week. Boom, bam, here, there. I’m tired just reading it! LOL! But when you’re having that much fun it doesn’t seem tiring, I’m sure.

    I sent you an email – time sensitive.

  4. Wow, you accomplished a lot in a weekend! If your like me, you would need a vacation after that kind of vacation. We were in Utah last weekend also, what crazy weather huh? Your pictures are all so cute!

  5. the announcement to “Utah’s Mother Nature” about May — I wish you would have!!! Yesterdays Kinder zoo field trip was freezing and rainy!:( Oh well, you’re right, the blossoms do make up for it — we actually have the “popcorn popping on the apricot trees”:)

  6. Great pictures! I love the one with all the little girls trying to help with the dress.
    I can’t believe it was snowing!
    Looks like a fun trip. I’m jealous you went to lunch with Elizabeth! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I LOVE weddings and family weddings, those are the best!!! I am so glad you guys all had a reason to get together in Utah, such a fun place to visit! The snow … that has got to melt, really!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Look forward to seeing you on Monday, we will be in touch!!

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