Sometimes we make such big and grand goals that it’s tough to stick to them. Am I right? So we, the “three musketeers” who found ourselves back home after being in and out so much over the summer decided to do a “five challenge” post-summer reset for two weeks.

What’s a “five challenge” you might ask?

Well, just a little something we made up:)

We each took some time to figure out five things we wanted to work on individually each day to jump-start our new school year.

You can do anything for two weeks right?

Then we came together that Sunday night and made a pact to do our five each day.

We were pretty excited about it.

Shawni, David and Lucy ready for their "five challenge" post summer reset

Lucy is trying to make a “five” with her fingers up there…ha!

What I did for my “five Challenge:”

  • real reading in my scriptures every day (I have an actual paper bound book…my overall goal is to read the whole New Testament word for word this year and I was pretty far behind)
  • Real reading in my “real” book every day (I tend to always be listening to a book, but I have stopped reading “real” books and needed a little push)
  • 20 pushups each night (this is something I stink at so I’m trying to get better)
  • Meditation each day (just some deep breathing work to refresh my mind and heart)
  • sugar only once per week

I know, weak sauce on that last one. I mean, who needs a cheat day for sugar when your “deal” is only two weeks long??

I do!

After eating all those Bear Lake cookies I needed to not be too drastic with myself:) Sometimes baby steps are needed.

Same with the reading, I only did ten minutes on each book. Remember, just a jump-start.

Lucy and Dave made up their own kinds of challenges. I loved that Lucy chose to do “Sally Up” each night (inspired by her cousins at the reunion this summer) and work on her braiding skills (often while I read to hear at night).

Dave did his own different “five.”

The Results of the “Five Challenge”

And do you know what? Now that that two week period is over (ended last weekend) we all feel so much better!

Better enough that we’re still going on most of the things.

In some “habit book” I read it mentioned that in order to create new habits you just have to do them consistently for even a short time.

And also when you want you let go of something, it’s important to add something good in it’s place.

Glad for this little jump-start to kick us into the new school year.

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