Welp, I talked about the reunion, the baptism, the MFME, and also the Grandma-reminiscing, but I didn’t wrap up the tail-end of Utah yet.

And we crammed in some good things in that tail-end.

Lu and I got to drive with my brother Jo and a few of his kids through Logan Canyon back down to the valley. Leaving the lake behind with all our love.

Logan Canyon showing off all it’s green glory.

We stayed downtown with my brother Josh, and after I took him to catch his early flight I got to take a little run around Salt Lake.

That temple remodel is slow but steady!

If anyone wants to check out a video about all the stuff they are doing to this temple, I like this one. I think it’s amazing that the temple will be able to sway up to five feet if there’s a earthquake.

(At least I think that’s the right one…)

I like to think of how we can strive to make our hearts soft enough that they can also sway when tough things come our way as well.

Hung out a little with Elle and Carson who lived in downtown Salt Lake all of July for their externship there:

We got to hang with our nephew who was doing his “home MTC” week before he left for two years. See that darling boy in the middle?

I love him. He’s going to do great things in the world!

Got to hang with his family too.

Love them!

In MURPHY news, we got to spend some precious time with that girl (and her family!) too.

Specifically at her first movie.

Which happened to be Barbie.


(Dave’s sister Carol Lynn joined us and we loved having her. Love you CL!)

Why is everything just more fun with a baby?

As you can tell, we were (and are) all pretty enamored by that girl.

Maybe even better than the movie was the photo booth we randomly found after.

You know when you just get in those modes where things are just pretty funny?

That’s where we were.

The reason why we stayed these extra days was for Murphy’s blessing.

I already wrote about that blessing day that I’m holding dear in my heart, but here a few other pics of that big day:

Then we skedaddled real quick back on home to the desert to get Lu all set for her first day of school.

It feels good to be back in the swing of things with a schedule, but also, I loved these long summer days filled up with so many people I love!

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