It just so happened that Claire’s very last season game was HERE IN THE DESERT. So we got to have a fun time with the UVU Volleyball team right here in our home town.

How amazing is that?

Dinner with the UVU Volleyball Team

So not only did we get to go watch the game, we got to hang out with the team for a team dinner the night before.

You see, one of the other players was on Claire’s high school volleyball team (she’s a year older), and she sweet-talked her way into that last dinner being at her house.

Which is extra fun because we know that family (and love them), and got to help out with the dinner AND hang out with all those cute girls for the evening.

the UVU volleyball team with Lucy

What’s that you say? One of those girls may not be a volleyball player?? (ha!) They were so sweet to Lucy and asked her to be in the picture too.

(Which of course delighted her.)

This was extra special for me and Dave to have this chance to get to know all these awesome girls in light of the fact that Claire has spent SO MUCH TIME with them over this last semester. I think of all the practices and traveling the country and hotel stays and games and more practices and I just feel so grateful that she’s had all this awesome support as they all try to juggle homework and tests and social lives amidst non-stop volleyball.

As we sat and talked with them my heart swelled up with gratitude that she landed with them, and that she’s been able to have this incredible D1 volleyball experience.

Loved seeing her amidst all those girls at dinner and playing ping pong after.

the whole team crowded around a table

Sisters Reunited

Speaking of Lucy, she could hardly believe her luck to be with her big sister for an evening.

sisters smiling together

Then it was on to the game the next day:

the coach giving some tips in a huddle

Where Claire got to START for the first time.

Claire cheering with her team before heading onto the court

They lost the game (after nine straight wins they have struggled a bit the last few matches), but it was so fun to watch her out there on that court!

She had a pretty good little cheering section:

a family of support at the volleyball game
sisters reunited after one went to college

Love that best friend from high school right on her team, as well as the cutest girl she played club with from the other team:

Now it’s on to the WAC championship in Texas this week.

They are ranked #4, and came from behind to win the whole thing the last two years.

We’ll see how it goes!


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