Lucy does not like crowds.

She’s also not a huge fan of boys.

And also, dressing up is one of her worst nightmares.

But, she loves experiences. And that girls is as social as they come.

So she has been enamored by all the hype around dances.

The group dates. The fun activities. Being together in groups of teenagers. That sense of belonging.

She has been carefully watching all her friends start into this dance business. She did a little thinking about how fun it would be to go to Homecoming.

Then winter formal came along. Girls choice. Again, she thought long and hard about that one. But the timing wasn’t right.

By the time people started asking to MORP (Prom backwards, more of a casual dance), she decided it was time. She was going to experience one of these dances. And when Lucy decides something, she makes it happen! She had been talking to her sweet cousin/friend about this for a while, and she asked if she’d come over to help her get her “asking poster” going. She knows this boy who was in her newspaper class in junior high, who is so kind and nice, and she figured he’d be the perfect date.

This has been an interesting process for me and Dave. Although we were excited for her, deep inside, we were (and still are) worried. Did she really know what she was getting herself into? Would this boy know what he was getting himself into? On top of her vision loss, Lu has a little trouble keeping her emotions in check, and sometimes that makes her a little erratic. And did I mention she hates crowds? Not sure how all this will pan out. I know we are coddlers, but this is a pretty huge step for this girl of ours.

But we did some checking and it turns out that this kid she asked is one of the kindest kids. Our friends happen to be related to him and told us there was no question about it: he would be the best date for Lucy. OH I’m SO grateful for people who teach their kids to be so unconditionally kind. Makes me tear up I’m so thankful!

And then we looked at Lucy. How amazing that she is daring enough to put herself in this situation?? I just love her.

There is still a lot of “chicken on that bone” as Dave and I say. Lots of things to do to get things all situated and do some training before the big day. But my biggest lesson so far? (Which happens to be one of the biggest lessons in parenting):

Trust the process.

This girl of ours is learning so much.

I LOVE that she’s willing to put herself out there. I LOVE that she is so wise to chose someone so kind to be her date and help her through. I love that she is determined to learn and grow, and to put herself in experiences that will help her. I love that she has surrounded herself with sweet friends to help her when her parents are hesitant:)

And I LOVE the smile on her face when that cute boy answered her with a big YES.

Here’s to the next journey that lies ahead!

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  1. This post got me a little emotional. Hooray for all of the brave, good, and kind kids out there! I hope Lucy and her date have a fabulous time together! 💙

  2. Lucy is AMAZING!! I would never have had the nerve to ask a boy to a dance when I was in high school. Love how she just knows what she wants and goes for it. 🙂

    We are going to need a FULL report (as much as she’s comfortable sharing, of course…)

    xoxoxo LUCY, we love you!!

  3. Go, Lucy, Go!!! Proud of you for doing something out of your comfort zone!!! I hope you have a spectacular time at the dance!!! Your date sounds perfect!!!

  4. Amazing Lucy, amazing friends, amazing family. This post is pure good energy. Thank you for sharing, Shawni!

  5. Thank you, everyone, for all the love! Anxious to see what this “dance chapter” has in store for this Lucy girl of ours.

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